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May 20, 2009

The Gladiator heel trend Continued

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At first I was completely put off by this trend because I could not stand the whole Roman empire flat sandal look. But it has evolved into a great heel option for Summer evening wear with pants and likely also throughout Fall and Winter 09 as well.

I have found for me personally, the look only works in two ways; big sweaters in a variety of colors, leggings (both gloss and varied color cottons) accessorized by a designer handbag or vintage reptile clutch bag and 2) a colorful pair of  Desert Blue Jeans with fitted tees . Doing this look with dresses just doesn’t work for me, tho’ I definitely plan to work it with some shorts during the hotter months. [FYI for all my short sisters out there (I am 5 ft) doing gladiator heels with skinny fits and leggings really elongates well.

Because this is an obvious trend with no forecasting of it ever becoming a classic wardrobe staple (and you know how I feel about trends!) I have no desire to purchase designer gladiator heels . While some of them are great, I know they would end up taking up much needed closet space for years after the fact. I caught myself checking out the Dior Extreme platforms over and over again but there are so many similar styles that I opted for the Candice ones which are basically identical. While you will never catch me doing “knock offs” I am certainly all for “similar” lol.

Since there actually really is quite a variety of gladiator heel styles, I picked two: Candice glads in black (which are basically identical to the Dior extreme glads believe it or not) and also the CHAI from Michael Antonio in both grey and purple. While not exactly an obviouse “in your face” gladiator, I also went for the  Cage heel from Dulce Vita also because its gorgeous, sort of vintage-ish, available in a forest green suede shade (my fave!), looks like an expensive designer piece (DV is of great quality), and has been marked down from its original $160 to $50 (aprx).

The Candice,  Chai and Cage heel can be  found online for abt. $50 a pair if you do some digging, making it quite the reasonable value considering I don’t forsee this trend letting up any time soon.

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