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January 10, 2008

Tre Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Sadly, today marks the 37th anniversary of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s passing. It is only fitting that she be the first Fashionista salute Luxe Blog gives out, as well as in remembrance.

When we think of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel , simplicity and elegance come to mind. In reality,her personal style and approach to fashion was avant garde. Christian Dior said it best: “With a black pullover and ten rows of pearls she revolutionized fashion.”

Coco Chanel was certainly not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, nor was she particularly influenced by high fashion.Her style ideals were birthed out of the comfortability of the clothing she borrowed from her male lovers- by adabting male attire for womenswear, she came to leave her signature mark on the fashion world.

She established her first shop in Deauville in 1909, founded her first house of couture there in 1913, opened in Paris in 1914, and ruled the fashion world from the 1920’s until far beyond her passing. She put women in slacks, brought costume jewlery into the couture realm, gave us the little black dress and the iconic & timeless suit that anyone can spot, buttery soft quilted handbags, classic fragrances and more. Oh yes, she also supplied millions of women with class.

She said: “I set the fashion for a quarter of a century. Why? Because I knew how to express my own time.”

Here’s to the original Diva- Coco Chanel, Luxe Beaute Blog salutes (and worships) you.

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