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November 18, 2015

TBR: MAC & Dita Von Teese

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“Inspired by the launch of Dita Von Teese’s new book, Your Beauty Mark, her vivid red lipstick is the signature shade for the seductive spirit. Available exclusively online in select markets December 2015.”



TBR Dec 8 2015 Online exclusive

Mac & DVT have teamedup yet again to bring us a lovely product – this time a limited ed. lippie in a vibrant tomato red matte, aptly and simply named Von Teese. I would say this shade is more of a classic red with a modern twist to it; its bright and not deep, and there is somthing both modern and retro about it.

While indeed this is a lovely shade, I have to admit there is something… I dunno, rushed or incomplete about it? Not the shade itself I suppose, but the product line – or lack thereof. I was surprised to only see a lipstick released and not a set or any other products. I also found the plastic packaging to be quite lackluster, considering that I really thought if its only one product it would be a real deco looking show-stopper. I dunno, it may just be me but I am growing tired of some of the latest MAC collabs that seem rushed and thrown together. Not to mention I have enough limited ed. reds in the same ole’ Mac packaging. Even so, this is gonna sellout quick and its def worth picking up if you are a crazed LE collector such as I. So grab it while you can before it ends up on Ebay for 3X the original price.

TBR Dec 8th 2015 – online exclusive



October 15, 2015

Designer Collaborations: Balmain for H&M

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Balmainia appears to be in full effect as women get their CC’s prepped for this upcomming collab!

The limited release collaboration consists of over 100 items, all of which really do appear to be of high quality and intricately detailed. While H&M collabs with high end design houses are usually priced purposefully at a mid-range point, this one does happen to be on the pricier side. With good reason: there appear to be many delicately beaded and more intricate pieces in this range.

While I adore Balmain, many of the busier millitaryesque designs can quickly go awry on a shorter curvy gal like me so I have to be careful. With that in mind there are a few key pieces I am def planning on trying to get my hands on, specifically those below. This is the perfect op to grab some lovely staples, such as a couple of chic distinctly Balmain dresses, chic outerwear which carries over from season to season, and some great handbags!

Available in stores and online Nov 5th 2015

October 3, 2015

Winter Footwear Dejour

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I love the Winter months. Not because I enjoy cozying up on the couch listening to the rain whilst getting all introspective like, but for much more superficial reasons… All Summer, I look forward to first sign of gloomy whether so that I may breakout my jackets, scarves and boots! Yes, I am deep.

Though it is only Winter in theory, as Whether wise,  Californian Mother Nature is being quite schizophrenic. Even so, shoe designers in all price ranges have a lot to offer this Winter. Tall boots have been kept somewhat plain but I say go for whatever catches your eye and represents you. I like classic and chic but I also can’t resist an excellently embellished knee-high. Especially if its retro look, bright, or embroidered.

Somehow, designers have managed to keep overly embellished looks from coming off as cheap; and a surprising amount of companies that I typically brush off as for the under 30 crowd (Rock & Republic, Collin Stewart for VS, Guess) are designing chic looks which can easily be mistaken for their high end counterpart. Imagine my surprise when my eyes led my body (and wallet) toward a lovely platform whilst online shopping which looked like it could have been a pair of Valentino’s, but were actually Guess! These my dear readers, are the surprises I like- and I don’t do surprises.

If you do not own any yet,  this time to upgrade and invest in a pair of really good quality knee high or over the knee boots.  You will get a lot of bang for your buck, considering they are masters of disguises of sorts- they look equally great with knee length dresses. Ditto for the ankle boot, which seems to survive the test of time. These will both come back into play fashionwise at some point within the years to come- trust me I know, as this Winter is the PERFECT time for me to break out my Topnotch lace up boots by Charles David and my Dollhouse Ciru Studed ankle boots, and a pair of suede ankle Bandelinos (in which I have had for 10 yrs) from storage.

Don’t be afraid of these particular boot trends, embrace them!

Luxe Beaute Top Boot Picks:
Charlotte Olympia - Bonnie Suede Metallic Platform Knee Bootsnm bootChristian Louboutin - Leather Over-The-Knee Corset Boots

Rockstud Leather 95mm Knee Boot, NeroLanvin - Metallic Python & Leather Knee-High Boots
Charlotte Olympia Bonnie Platform ($1,195), Neiman Marcus Mira Studded Leather Boot ($489), Louboutin over the knees ($2, 595), Valentino Rockstud ($2,440), Lanvin Metallic Python ($1,194), Suzani chunky heel ($350).


June 25, 2015

TBR: MAC Giambattista Valli Collection

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“Fashion designer Giambattista Valli brings his effortless elegance and luxurious celebration of the female form to a stunning collection of timeless lipsticks.”

To Be Released: July 9th 2015


February 20, 2015

TBR: MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection

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MACBao Bao Wan and Mac have teamed up and released a lovely limited edition collection of bolds and golds!

I am a sucker for my bold lippies and nail colors mixed with gold toned illuminating shiny distractions for eyes and highlighting, so my adoration for this collection will come as no surprise. The collection consists of the Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow palette (5 shimmering shades), a light bronze Beauty Powder, 4 gorgeous bright limited ed. lipsticks (3 matte and one Lustre formula), and 3 pearlescent nail polishes. This collection is sure to sell out quick, so mark your calandars!

Release date First week of March


June 28, 2014

Summer Looks Summer Loves

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I am falling off the beaten trend path this summer, goin’ against the grain—why? Well, I hate to admit it but I am just not feeling the boxy casualness and stuffy professionalism of 2011, let alone the summer trends. As readers could probably tell from my somewhat humdrum reviews this year nothing really made me squeal with delight fashion wise-it was all so geometric and low key that it almost forced me into REM. OK not everything was a snore, some things did catch my fancy of course… I LOVED the Jan Taminiau Tarnished Beauty collection in all its flowy aqua and flesh toned goodness. I enjoyed Chanel’s frills and I adored  Christian Siriano’s use of color butttt… everything seemed so inundated by floral and Annie Hall suiting sans shape, I just wanted to scream “where is your imagination designaholics!” Truth be told I was a lot more impressed by some off the rack pieces and colors this year, particularly BCBG.

Alrighty then, back to my summer . I am bringing back my staple white and gold. Tacky much you say? You betcha! And ya know what? I absolutely emphatically do not give a fashionestas ass. I am also all about blue and green combos this summer. Oh yeah, and my yellow is replaced by oranges-retro orange, modern orange, Hermes orang, tangerine, you name it. TONS of oranges from seasons past. Oranges as in my absolute favorite orange and white Fendi crescent bag, orange lips, orange ribbon sandal heelsOoopsy, I forgot to say I am so freaggin bored with fashion right now that I am bringing the ghetto beach fabbo oversized hat back as well. But that my friends will be flesh colored. There is, after all, only so much tackiness one can put forth before it goes from chicly ironic and hip to just plain embarrassing, right? And speaking of tacky, I vow to forgo all Cavali this summer in exchange for Etro. I hate to do it but I have yet to turn on the tv without seeing a real housewife of someplace or sport man or other wearing him, so I am over it. And I will also keep on keepin’ on with my #1 fashion pet peeve:  Noooo flats! I never have and I will continue to never do.

Crisp white skinny Jeans: Gotta have em! I will be rocking these so much people will think I never wash my clothing (not because they are dirty but because I will likely sport them 4 times a week- duh!). I will do ankle, long and cropped BUT they will all be skinny. I will not be doing stripped or pattern tops with my white jeans this summer- I feel bold solids are the way to go to keep it simple chic and I will let the shoes do the talking instead. And while there are some amazing designer jeans out there, I actually am gonna stick with low end brands; I have found lately that these work for me style and fit wise no differently than the high priced ones. Given that, I would much rather spend $20-$50 than $-$$ and I can buy more pairs thus extending their “crispness” AND it leaves me more cash for heels. If one pairs cheap jeans that fit well with high end shoes no one is the wiser and the outfit all comes together nicely, trust me.Pair it with: white tailored/fitted dress shirt, bold colored tees (orange, aqua, and peacock green), brightly patterned heels, and fedoras (not floppy hats!), and gold jewelry or layers and layers of pearls.

The Little White Dress:
I typically add 1-2 new white dresses to my wardrobe each year; one for winter and one for summer, though I always rotate between all my white dresses. I do classic yet fun and I do go designer because of quality and so that I may carry them over from season to season [as readers know, I don’t follow the guideline of seasonal trends in ///]. Because these are bigger purchases, I tend to look for after labor day bargains and then store them away (those sales are amazing and one can easily find something slashed from 1K+ to the $300 range). No long dresses and no tight or bottom body hugging either- asymmetrical hemlines in mini length, Chanel-esque babydoll look and all shades of white (crisp winter, cream, etc)… Pair it with: The highest of heels (colored, patterned, white, you name it) big floppy hats, bangles and fun rings (skip the necklaces).

 Patterned bold Dresses:
I am rather obsessed with fun, eccentric and vividly colored prints. These can be high end or no name- the key is simply making them look chic and letting the piece stand on its own (Pet Peeve #987=Nooo jewelry with this look pleeeze!).  I gravitate toward bold patterns by high end designers and  Hawaiian dresses which usually fall in the $50 range- I know, right? I also have some quirky sort of preferences in that bold pattern dresses I like longer and the Island wear I like very short. Here is where I do keep a neutral toned down colored heel and I prefer ankle wrap or strap.

May 15, 2014

The MAC Maleficent Collection and Review

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Maleficent is my all time fave Disney villain. Given that, I was beyond excited to hear that MAC was releasing yet another collection in her honor. The inspiration for this collection is based on a combination of the original animated dark diva and the look given to Angelina Jolie for the upcoming Disney film Maleficent in theatres May 30th. The collection is said to consist of the actual colors and products used for the film. This limited edition collection is made up of different color-tones and uniquely different packaging design than 2010’s Venomous Villains collection. This time around MAC chose to go with a much more subtle yet chic and sleek design: double winged black raven imagery.

The Collection: The collection is made up of 12 products, although not all of these are limited edition packaging and/or colors. The Lipstick ($17.50), Lip Glass ($22.00), and Nail Lacquer ($17.50) are the only products released which are truly limited edition, as they are both special release shades and package design. The eyeshadow quad ($44.00), Sculpt Powder ($23.00), Beauty Powder ($30.00), Eyelashes ($17.50), and lip liner ($21.50) come in the limited winged design, yet the colors and actual products are in regular rotation. There is also an eyeliner, lip liner, brow stick, and Prep + Prime highlighter in this collection, yet they are in regular rotation at MAC and the packaging has not been changed.

 My Opinion: I felt this collection was marketed oddly in that MAC didn’t go all the way in changing the packaging design on all to reflect the theme. The eyeliner, lip liner, brow stick, and Prep + Prime highlighter should have been listed as an additional way to achieve the look, not actually included as “limited editions”. Minimally they could have made mini’s of these left plain, packaged in a cute bag, and upped the price to suit their desires for profit. This was rather boring to me and since I wasn’t purchasing these items to transform myself into the Disney Diva herself, I didn’t purchase these. I also did not purchase the shadow quad because I already had all the included colors , the Beauty Powder (it’s too light for my skin tone), the nail polishes bc I leave that up to the salon, nor the lashes (I use Latisse so no need for falsies)… I opted for the lipstick, lip glass, and the sculpt powder and I have to say I am impressed. Although the sculpt is not limited, I wanted to give it a try and I found it makes a lovely and subtle contour for my NC25-30 skin tone. The lippies are both limited red shades and they are wonderful in both color and formulation.

 There are some hits and some misses in this collection, that is for sure. However, luckily all items are sold separately so fans can pick and choose to their liking. That alone gets a huge “thumbs up” – I don’t know about everyone else but I can’t stand when I buy a collection and only end up liking 1 or 2 things out of 5 or more, so this is a great alternative for such disappointment. If it’s not so much about the colors or products but about the collector appeal, I personally feel MAC did a great job. Although there are rumblings amongst many who find the design rather lackluster, I find it to be a great depiction of symbolism; as the story goes, Maleficent lost her wings and she also had Diablo her beloved messenger raven and I love how MAC utilizes this aspect of the story.

April 4, 2014

Artisan Fragrance Review: Therapeutate Parfums

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I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a variety of scents sent to me by Rodney F. Hughes, Artisan Parfumeur extrordinarre and mastermind behind Brooklyn based Therapeutate Parfums.

These are incredibly sophisticated scents along the lines of Chanel #5 and Cartier Panthere (RIP, Le sigh…). They are also composed of interesting and lavish base notes which remind me of both the classic femininity utilized by Cartier or house of Guerlain and also contemporary niche scents from Tokyo Milk’s Dark line. Yet for all of my comparisons here, Therapeutate Parfums has definitely placed its own unique sassy spin on fragrant and heady spices. Basically Hughes has found a way to refine exotic and sophisticated scents, creating a unique and chic balance between the masculine and feminine. Think floral and Smokey infuses from Morocco then brought back to an underground jazz club to add notes of tobacco and leather and you almost have it…

I was sent a total of 5 creations all listed below. [Description taken straight from the website]

V5DKA ($224.00) V5 is based in Amber and Cistus (labdanum). Its historical accord is rounded out by E.I. Sandalwood and Vanilla. Black Currant (Cassis) gives V5 its dark and alluring quality. It is then refined with the florals of Champaca and Jasmine, Guaiacwood which lends headiness and color to the overall body of this fragrance.

OSIRIUS ($180.00) Osirius is a sweet juicy fragrance that has a spicy heart which dries down to smoky florals and woods. Its sillage is very long lasting. Notes: Rosewood, Rose, Rosemary, Palmarosa, Geranium, Mimosa, Cognac, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Guaiacwood, Cinnamon, Oakmoss, Violet, Galbanum, Pepper, Tuberose & Cypress. 

 2010 NYC SERIES: L’AUTOMNE ($180.00) Japanese citrus, very herbal with floral hints weaving through in varing degrees depending on the season represented. L’automne is more smoky with Amber and it very warm to the nose. L’hiver is cooling down effect with warm sparkling, powdery untones peeking through it citrus head.

Bespoke #3 ($210.00) A bold and alluring body that is essentially “amber” with compliments of rock rose. The middle is sweet marjoram, cardamom and coriander lends to a heart of green. Sandalwood (bois de santal) grounds and holds this blend together as well as add a sharp, rich jolt of energy.

 775EX ($170.00) This classic fragrance is naturally oriental. Mardarin, Jasmine, Vanilla, Amber and Spikenard. It is golden in tone with a very heady citrus on top that dries down to a powdery star dust finish.

My Opinion

These are wonderfully crafted scents, chock full of exotic botanicals and are of an obvious high quality. There is absolutely no trace of alcohol to these at all. However, they do all bare a powdery finish end note to them, which takes a minute for me to get used to and never really fully dissipates. These are really animalistic and fiery, definitely evening scents. There is a very masculine quality to these which in my opinion makes them quite appealing as a unisex cult type yet classic product.

Out of all the scents above in which I tried, I must admit, I never really got any strong floral notes out of these. I got plenty of powder, grass and moss, incense, Amber, wood, and pepper but no sweetness at all. I was really hoping for a balance of light and heavy along the lines of Givenchy for my own personal use; however don’t take that as a negative! I just happen to personally be a Coco Mademoiselle gal as opposed to a Channel #5 one. I could definitely imagine Catherine Deneuve or a modern day Bardot in a cloud of Therapeutate Parfums.

Although they are not exactly something I would personally gravitate toward, I can see how many others would. These are powerful and complex with a really unique mysterious finish to them which lingers nicely. If you happen to be a fan of CC#5 or 22, Cartier Must, YSL Opium, Mariella Burani, Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, or Shalimar than I highly suggest you check out Therapeutate Parfums.

March 12, 2014

New Product Review: MAC Large Single Pro Palette (& Comparison to Z Palette)

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I was pretty excited when I heard that MAC was re-vamping their Pro-Palettes and adding a see through lid. I could not stand the old ones; they were rather flimsy and looked cheap to me. Since they weren’t see through like my other ones, I also would end up forgetting what all I owned and stored in them because I am incredibly OCD when it comes to makeup organization and if it’s out its outta mind (thus wasting tons of $cosmetics$). The minute these puppies came out I picked one up. OK, I lie – I purchased 4 of them. At $8 each I figured I couldn’t go wrong, as they were considerably cheaper than my beloved Z palettes ($20), the one’s from TBK are now discontinued ($8), and are way easier to get than those made by Wild Peach ($10) who’s website has been under construction so long I am starting to think they don’t even actually exist. Now that I have tried and tested the new MAC palettes, here’s the scoop on the large single pro palette (NOTE: I am not reviewing the double pro palette because it is not transparent thus does not suit my needs).

The new MAC Pro palette (Large/single): The new MAC Pro Palettes are very attractive. They are super sleek with a transparent top/lid, sturdy, incredibly lightweight, and open easily. It measures at 7″L x 41/2″W x 1/2″D. Unlike the old version this updated model offers a wider variety of interchangeable inserts: 6 shadow insert, 15 shadow insert, 6 blush insert, customizable 12 well insert (suitable for contour creams and cream foundations), and 24 well inserts (lipsticks). These inserts are also sturdy and made of plastic; they are purchased separately at $2 each. If you are like me and prefer to skip the shadow inserts, the palette will fit 24 MAC pan single shadows or 24 singles by any brand in same size (26mm). Of course you can also fit various sizes de-potted from other companies as well and amount will vary by size; ditto for blushes without the standard insert. For lipstick storage, this palette fits the same amount whether using the well insert or standard 26mm tin/aluminum pans when de-tubing lipsticks, therefore it’s really about personal preference. The 24 well insert will definitely make the palette look much more professional than if using metal pans; however, using pans is much more travel friendly if you only want to carry a couple colors in your purse (via the MAC 2 or 4 pro palette) as opposed to carrying the entire palette around with you. If de-tubing into the 24 well insert one must use the “candle & spoon” melting method (which can change the texture and is time consuming) whilst metal pans can be done/filled in multiples and melted on a very low heat in the oven. Again, it all comes down to personal preference. NOTE: Keep in mind you would have to use a magnet for non MAC items – see more below on that issue.

MAC Pro Pallete vs. Z palette: The MAC palettes are much prettier than Z palettes IMO, more sophisticated looking if that makes sense. They are probably a lot more sturdy as well being as how they are plastic as opposed to Z’s cardboard casing; however, I have yet to have issue with my Z palettes in this way so I am speaking purely in theoretical terms Cardboard Vs. plastic)on this one. ZP’s come in a variety of cool colors and patterns while MAC’s are all uniformed black – I cannot say which is the winner in this arena considering I see benefits to both a sleek uniform look and also variety to change up the monotony. ZP’s are the better choice for makeup artists as the top is made to bend all the way over lightning up with the back so that there is no interference when applying makeup on a client, whereas MAC lids just stick straight out to the side when opened. ZP’s are quite a bit larger at 8.06″L x 4.94″W x 0.56″D and will fit 28 MAC shadows to MAC’s 24, leaving a better amount of room for larger brand shadows and/or a nice mixture of shadows and blushes, etc. The MAC palette is also deeper and fits domed products and smaller travel lip and eye brushes and liners which is really great. ZP’s are waaaay more heavy than MAC which was extremely disappointing (especially if you lug around a ton of these babies at the same time as I do). Which brings me to the next and main point, they are heavier because they are magnetized. MAC palettes are not magnetized. Therefore if using a MAC palette without the inserts, a separate magnet needs to be stuck onto the bottom of products. Now ordinarily this wouldn’t be such an issue for me except that in this case, the palette barely holds to its own MAC products which already contain magnets on them! This was a total head scratcher for me. With my ZP’s it’s a rare day I add a cosmetic pot of any brand that won’t cling strongly as ZP’s are made with a really powerful magnet. Example: If I fill the new MAC palette with its own products (that have their own magnet on them at time of purchase) and turn the palette over, all my shadows fall down and some have already broken on me. Tisk tisk. So the whole breaking of 24 shadows at $8 bucks each thing (= loss of $192) is a deal breaker for me. Not to mention it’s a rare day I am only carting around 1 palette. While I don’t mind adding magnets to shadows that don’t come with any or cutting/fitting a magnetic sheet to the bottom, adding one over the already existing one for MAC pots would just be ridiculous and seems an unnecessary amount of extra work. Of course if you use the available inserts I suppose this is no issue but for me, it cancels out the MAC palette as “transportable” or travel friendly for shadows or other powder products. Even so, I want to utilize the MAC palette because it’s just so darned chic and professional looking and in that way, I definitely prefer it over ZP’s. But the only way to do so would be as a lippie palette WITH the sleek looking insert, meaning I would either have to A) shove the products into the wells which negates its “prettiness” or B) melt the products individually with a spoon and candle which I just don’t want to do. Not only is that time consuming, but I don’t want to risk changing the color and formulas of my lipsticks, most of which range $25-$40. Considering that every gal knows smooth lip palettes don’t stay pretty for long, I think I will utilize my MAC palettes by way of the no melt method for personal use colors because it’s such a nice lightweight storage solution, and keep using ZP’s for personal use shadows, and work related powdered products and lippies in tin rounds (because I can easily lift them to see product names whereas in the standard 24 well insert this cannot be done).

October 22, 2013

Têtes de Mort: Couture Skull Jewelry for October

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I know I tend to get a little crazy with the skull blogs. In defense of my macabre side, I spent well over a decade as a Goth once upon a time. … Now that I’m an oldie but a goodie, I still love raising an eyebrow or two when it comes to controversial couture, though it is much more subtle (and unfortunately costs a little more than all the cheap silver skeleton crap I used to adorn). My creepy couture is counter balanced by haute happy animal jewelry too, fyi.

Skulls are not an entirely new trend in jewelry, but now that high end designers are jumping in the game its become chic. Skull adornments are no longer the old bulky, clunky silver bikerwear we once knew it as; its become more feminine and delicate,finely detailed and often set in gold set adorned by superior quality diamonds and jewels. While many designers are doing skull pieces, not that many designers focus largely on skulls as an entire collections- it can be a bit random.

As I have said in past blogs, no one- and I mean no one- does skull jewelry like French designerLydia Courteille. She constantly incorporates intricate jewel encrusted skulls into each and every collection. I liken her to the  dark side of Bucheron. Her skull work is over the top yet amazingly feminine and oddly enough, romantic. Consider them works of art and invest wisely, as her skull rings run $10,000.00-$30,000.00 per ring. Another major player in the skull game is jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi. Though this heir to the Fendi empire is barely of legal drinking drinking age, this 4th generation Fendi femme fatale does some very interesting skull work.The majority of her designs are made of gold, silver, iron, copper and combine organic materials with precious stones, oversize scaramazza pearls, black diamonds, leather strips or pieces of bone atelier. Her skull designs are on a much more disturbing and darker edge than other designers and while I am the first to appreciate this concept, admittedly I find her pieces a bit bulky and lacking that subtle femininity that I need out of designer dark side pieces. Still, no one can argue that she is quickly making a name for herself in the industry and has found a major place in the cult jewelry world. Her skull pieces run $4,000.00-$29,000.00 (approximately). Recently, Alexander McQueen has lunged into the forefront of the skull accessory scene. His pieces are simple yet sophisticated, so much in fact that it can be worn to the most formal of events and no one would bat an eye. Dispite this, he still succeeds in being edgy. His skull jewelry consists mainly of necklaces, drop earings, and rings made of silver or goldtone plated brass metal and swarovski crystals.  Pieces are typically priced between #300.00-$600.00 each. Based out of LA, up and coming indie jeweler Shayan Afshar’s high-end, master-crafted pieces are enough to garner respect, but we’re more psyched on the age of this young champ. At only 19 years old, this teenage hustler is already making noise with his diamond skull candy, which boasts white gold encrusted with white and black diamonds.

Adore skull couture? Check out my past blogs here and here

Jessica Kagan Cushman Diamond skull cuff bracelet ($3,400), Wendy Brandes black onyx and Tsavorite ring, Jai Yokoki double skull ring w/yellow diamonds, Delfina Delettrez Fendi skull and snake ring, Crystal Skull Necklace by Made Her Think ($1,385.00), Delfina Delettrez Fendi drop earings ($760.00), Alexander McQueen spoon and fork earings ($300.00), diamond skull and ruby pendant ($2,200.00), Vivre diamond drop earings ($3,600.00), Zoe and Morgan skull princess ring, Lydia Courteille ring (Hugo Jewelry LTD diamond X pendant, Justin Davis pirate ring, Zoe and Morgan ruby studded necklace ($330.00), Shayan Afshar pendant, petite skull ring by Voodoo King Designs ($100.00)

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