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December 7, 2017

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Bianca Jagger

Oh Bianca, Bianca, Bianca! I am giddy just writing this. Halston’s muse, night life’s “it girl”, socialite AND human rights warrior.

While there are many women whose styles I respect, I like to keep the VIP Diva room in my mind down to Queen Coco, Marlene Dietrich, Catherine Deneuve, Joan Crawford, Rita Mareno, Dita Von Teese and Madam Bianca. While I am tempted to add Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Donatella, Tura Satana and Joan Collins in there, I am trying to avoid cat fights within the delicate walls of my hypothalamus. … Again for the record, no I am not a gay male. But I digress…

Here’s the interesting thing about the 1970’s- when I think of fashion icons of this decade, Other than Jerry Hall Bianca, nothing but men come to mind. Bowie for his crisp Berlin/Heroes look, Halston and YSL for their designs. So in a sense, perhaps Bianca just THAT much of a fashion guru, being that she kicked Le Smoking into high gear with edgy classic femininity. It would have been so easy fto have done it all wrong Annie Hall, in the decade of sequins and polyester, wouldn’t it?  Other than Dietrich, no one has ever rocked the menswear look like Mizz B. And quite frankly, no one since has either.

When you mix beauty, exotica, style, aloofness, mystery and brains, you get one hellofa devaliocious icon.

Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias Jagger: Luxe Blog solutes (and worships) you.

January 8, 2016

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Dita Von Teese… Again!

My lord! Does this woman ever even have a hair out of place? She’s running errands and looking so fabbo, a second Luxe Blog salute was in order.

Now if only the rest of us could look this perfect when picking up some groceries!!

November 18, 2015

TBR: MAC & Dita Von Teese

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“Inspired by the launch of Dita Von Teese’s new book, Your Beauty Mark, her vivid red lipstick is the signature shade for the seductive spirit. Available exclusively online in select markets December 2015.”



TBR Dec 8 2015 Online exclusive

Mac & DVT have teamedup yet again to bring us a lovely product – this time a limited ed. lippie in a vibrant tomato red matte, aptly and simply named Von Teese. I would say this shade is more of a classic red with a modern twist to it; its bright and not deep, and there is somthing both modern and retro about it.

While indeed this is a lovely shade, I have to admit there is something… I dunno, rushed or incomplete about it? Not the shade itself I suppose, but the product line – or lack thereof. I was surprised to only see a lipstick released and not a set or any other products. I also found the plastic packaging to be quite lackluster, considering that I really thought if its only one product it would be a real deco looking show-stopper. I dunno, it may just be me but I am growing tired of some of the latest MAC collabs that seem rushed and thrown together. Not to mention I have enough limited ed. reds in the same ole’ Mac packaging. Even so, this is gonna sellout quick and its def worth picking up if you are a crazed LE collector such as I. So grab it while you can before it ends up on Ebay for 3X the original price.

TBR Dec 8th 2015 – online exclusive


March 18, 2013

How to Do Retro and Vintage Perfectly: 1940’s-1950’s Era

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I am-and have always been-a sucker for vintage fashions circa 1940’s and 1950’s; I am always on the lookout for great vintage dresses. I have been collecting since 1988 (mainly velvet “coffin” tuck, wriggle and crape swing dresses), these items have been difficult to find in the past

Best vintage clothing reproductions (dresses, tops, skirts and jackets): Hands down, my favorite for dresses is Stop Starring Clothing. This company gets it right each and every time. All of their clothing is immaculately crafted and feminine and it’s difficult for the untrained eye to even notice it’s not actually vintage. These are wonderful WW2 and 1950’s  recreations which are extremely affordable, typically ranging between $90-$130 per dress. For beautiful 1930’s and 40’s reproductions, Trashy Diva is exquisite. While not as much style variation as Stop Staring, the dresses lovely and they offer beautiful tops and skirts as well.  I also am in love with Dixie Fried Clothing and Kiss Me Deadly- both small companies which make extremely sexy wriggle dresses… As for designers both big and small who create clothing with strong influence and elements of vintage, I really like Wheels & Doll Baby and of course frilly retro gowns by Betsey Johnson.

Best vintage Shoe reproductions: Shoes are harder to reproduce. I think if you are into fashion and not dressing for/because you’re a part of a specific revival subculture (rockabilly, etc) an authentic vintage outfit looks its best paired with high end designer heels- In my opinion, nothing can beat Christian louboutin, Yves Saint Lauren and Moschino. While I am a firm believer in every shoe addict investing in at least 1 pair of Loubies or YSL’s, I understand this is not always an option. For those who like the CL style but lack the funds I highly suggest heels from the Pin Up Girl Shoe line (by PinUp Girl Clothing), which offers a beautiful and wide array of high quality retro heels at affordable prices. For extremely unique and well made VR shoes, my two favorite smaller designers are Minna Parikka and Lucky Lou. MP focuses on adding quirky elements to designs reminiscent of the 1920’s-mid 1950’s I would say, and sometimes even earlier. Lucky Lou designs are inspired by the Souvenir’ shoes of WW II; they are hand carved in the Philippines and are absolutely stunning.

Best Vintage Lingerie reproductions: I am amazed at the rise of vintage inspired lingerie and nylons- thank you Dita and pinup revival models for contributing to the revival! My vary favorites are Agent Provacateur, Stocking Girl, Secrets in LaceLucy B and Aloe for 1930’s type lounge wear.

Best vintage Selections: Hard to find and rarely inexpensive, vintage clothing companies and shops can be awfully hit and miss. With the rise of the internet I don’t find myself entering vintage stores in big cities anymore (which seem to cater to 1960’s through 1980’s anyway). When it comes to in person vintage collecting, I go with expos as well as seek out unknown shops far removed away from metropolitan areas. For me, online is the way to go… My 5 personal favorite online vintage dealers that can do absolutely no wrong are  Antique Dress (antique and regency era early 1800’s through the 1930’s; 1930’s and up are vintage designer pieces), Past Perfect (Victorian and Edwardian through the 1970’s), Posh Girl (one of a kind 1920’2-1960’s era), Blue Velvet (Deco to disco) and  Cabaret (high fashion 1950’s & 1960’s). While pricey, these stores are very particular about what they sell; highly collectible, unique and beautiful vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. If you find an expensive piece in which you just can’t live without, note the majority of these stores allow for deposits and/or layaway. And let’s not forget about Ebay! I have been extremely surprised by some of the lovely inexpensive vintage frocks up for grabs here.



December 28, 2008

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Dita Von Teese

Not only is she an insanely gorgeous throwback to old glam, ironically she’s just as famous for being naked as her fierce fashion sense! While there might have been a handful out frocks that weren’t jaw dropping in my book, she still rocked them like no one’s business. Aside from the obvious vintage influences, Dita Von Teese plays around with Moschino,  Dior, Louis Vuitton and (duh!) Christian Lacroix.

One would have to be an aged drug idled has been musician with a girls name idiot to not see how stylish, beautiful and all around perfect the gal is.

April 13, 2008

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Rita Moreno

Being that one of my ultimate idols, Miss Rita Moreno (aka the un-Diva Diva) was one of many celebs to kick of fashion week in the Heart Truth Fashion Show for heart disease awareness, this was my opening for heroine worship. Let me preface that usually my hero worship of  Miss Rita in writing is certainly nothing new; in academia I have expounded on her influence of film and film choices, as a role model and pretty much the only Puerto Rican to cross over into roles which were sort of “race less”. But ya know, this blog is a superficial one, so the fact she is one of only eight individuals to have earned each of the major entertainment awards or her general brilliance don’t wash here.

Granted, Rita Moreno is not the person who comes immediately to mind for most when it comes to fashion icons. Gotta say, I’m not real sure why not… When I picture the glamour of retro era swimsuits in which everyone is trying to reproduce nowadays, I always picture Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Bettie Paige, and that darling still photo of Rita in hers. And when I think about the swing dress with character, who but “Anita” really do we picture?  She gave it a wee bit more pizzazz than her angelic counterparts did. The woman was-and still is – so very hot and stylish, Peggy Lee’s “Fever” should play every time she walks into a room. And if you pay her much mind nowadays, you will come to find she is constantly in attendance at some of the hottest designer fashion shows- thus further proving she knows her stuff. Did anyone else wear a hotly devilish all red ensemble better than she? I think not. She worked it.

Keep workin’ it Rosa Delores Alverio- better known as Queen Bee Rita Moreno. Luxe Blog Salutes (and worships) your fabulousness!

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