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December 7, 2017

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Bianca Jagger

Oh Bianca, Bianca, Bianca! I am giddy just writing this. Halston’s muse, night life’s “it girl”, socialite AND human rights warrior.

While there are many women whose styles I respect, I like to keep the VIP Diva room in my mind down to Queen Coco, Marlene Dietrich, Catherine Deneuve, Joan Crawford, Rita Mareno, Dita Von Teese and Madam Bianca. While I am tempted to add Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Donatella, Tura Satana and Joan Collins in there, I am trying to avoid cat fights within the delicate walls of my hypothalamus. … Again for the record, no I am not a gay male. But I digress…

Here’s the interesting thing about the 1970’s- when I think of fashion icons of this decade, Other than Jerry Hall Bianca, nothing but men come to mind. Bowie for his crisp Berlin/Heroes look, Halston and YSL for their designs. So in a sense, perhaps Bianca just THAT much of a fashion guru, being that she kicked Le Smoking into high gear with edgy classic femininity. It would have been so easy fto have done it all wrong Annie Hall, in the decade of sequins and polyester, wouldn’t it?  Other than Dietrich, no one has ever rocked the menswear look like Mizz B. And quite frankly, no one since has either.

When you mix beauty, exotica, style, aloofness, mystery and brains, you get one hellofa devaliocious icon.

Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias Jagger: Luxe Blog solutes (and worships) you.

January 8, 2016

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Dita Von Teese… Again!

My lord! Does this woman ever even have a hair out of place? She’s running errands and looking so fabbo, a second Luxe Blog salute was in order.

Now if only the rest of us could look this perfect when picking up some groceries!!

October 5, 2009

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Victoria Beckham

“I RARELY buy anything that’s obviously from a particular seasons collection. Invest in clothes you can wear from season to season. Five years ago I bought gorgeous Vivienne Westwood boots I still love. The other night I wore a D&G dress that’s 11 years old but still looks good. Buy classics that will never date” Victoria Beckham

Call her what you will people but the woman sure knows how to dress (actually, while we are on it, I am not sure why people don’t like her). And I get the distinct impression it’s all her own heightened and keen fashion awareness, no one but she is dressing herself. Granted, designers are likely begging her to wear them and I’m sure she’s got stylists and advisers up the yin-yang but… I can’t say I have ever seen her do more than 1 or 2 fashion “don’ts” post Spice Girls. Even when wearing something that makes you go “huh?”, its followed by “wow!”.  I’m telling you, put that girl in Bergdorf’s and her eye will gather the most stellar finds; turn the gal loose in a mall and I am betting she will make something très chic out of nothing. I’m convinced she breathes fashion, not air.

If I recall correctly, Victoria “Spice” Beckham wasn’t always this stylish. Granted she was young then and not wed to “sporty money bags spice” yet either. But well, she must have been called Posh for a reason. Ironically, her formal look is not quite as impressive or Posh as her casual or avante guarde look is. At any rate, she certainly grew into her own, and we like it.

Victoria Beckham certainly knows what works for her and sticks with it. Miss thing does upscale casual like nobody’s business. Her staples appear to be high wasted pencil skirts and shift dresses, and she is all about the oversized sunnies. She somehow managed to make skinny jeans exciting and rocks the baggy trouser look like a pro. She’s a trend starter, yet interestingly enough the trends she births consist of classic pieces. She’s changed the way we do long distance flights fashion wise (gasp! what? She doesn’t have a private plane???) and refuses to apologize for taking the kids to the park in a $20,000 handbag and $2,000 shoes. And much kudos to her for putting the class back into Rodeo drive! What a faux paux it was, this whole “I’m rich but should look like a bum when shopping at Chanel” trend. Victoria Beckham single handedly desimated the  rich hippie look, saving California bringing swank back from accross the seas. Housewife with an edge. And let us not forget the woman keeps within one of my casual wear cardinal rules: High desigher shoes and bag, simplistic and inexpensive jeans and tee.  Nor does she buckle to the “I won’t wear anything twice” adage- matter of fact she is such a mix and match Queen that its difficult to even notice when a piece is reworn. Also impressive? She wears the Hermes bag and heels- they don’t wear her.

Who doesn’t love a woman who is such a slave to haute that she refuses to wear flats, takes the kids to the park in 6 inch heels, puts off foot surgery because of the down time IE a forced heel vacation, owns 100+ Hermes Birki’s (what’s that? A couple Mil?), builds a closet for $500,000 and gets to repeatedly procreate with one of the most juiciest men on earth? How about how she wears children’s tees from Gap inside out, pre plans her wardrobe for bloated days, hates to match her underwear and bra, and cuts the waistband off her jeans?

So Mrs. Victoria Beckham, we know you have a myriad of haters out there, and we don’t get it. In our book (blog), you are très magnific. We adore your style and the way you tell everyone to piss off whilst holding your diva head high. No apologies, no fashion regrets.

Keep in mind that numerous naysayers have given me lip in regards to this salute.Here are a few of the reasons

  • She’s a bad role model/too skinny.
  • She lives in excess and flaunts it during a time when many are struggling economically.
  • Some of her outfits are too strange
  • Some of her outfits are too simple

FIrst things first… I’m only gonna briefly address the weight issue. I agree, most women are not normally that tiny and thus its perpetuating some unhealthy ways. Not saying she’s at all responsible, just sayin. With that said, I don’t think she’s anorexic. Fashionrexic  yes- common now, we all know how and who these couturiers design for. I’m ending that one there. Ok, the bad roll model thing- Please, 99% of all photos of the woman include her runing around with her children! Find me another fashionista that spends so much time with her kids. As for her not showing sensetivity for the ecconomically challenged… why should she be? …Next! On the “too strange” thing, its not her heeless heels or her pension for 80’s shoulder looks that bring her down- its her formal wear imho. I’m not sure why for every 1 red carpet outfit I like, there are 10 I don’t. Perhaps its because she’s so casually impressive its difficult to “one up” it, or maybe its because the gala look really is more fitting to curves (again, imho).  As for basic being boring- so untrue! WHy must I constantly repeat myself? Basic + classic = refined. Let’s also keep in mind that her casual looks can be done on any budget. That said, she’s like the fashion etiquette head master.

After Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham is quite the Cinderella moth to butterfly transformation.. Luxe Blog Salutes Victoria “I have more money and shoes than God” Beckham, for her uniquely casual but feminine style.

Stay tuned for part 2, when we salute her shoe collection!

1) probably my favorite casual-ish ensamble to date- who can deny this color cordination here looks fabbo? 3) YSL pumps ($800), and Bidart dress ($abt 3,000) and sunnies ($200), both from her bvd line, 4) More airport chic-orange dress, Marc Jacobs shoes, dvb 11 sunnies, Giorgio Armani python bag, 5) Black sweater dress, Woolford fan pattern tights, ankle-strap pumps, amazing sunnies and croc Berkin (abt $30,000). 6) ROcking the poor boy look (designer unknown). 7) In limited edition Pink Moon dress by Roland Mouret (abt $2, 200) and Hermes bag (abt $30,000)

August 29, 2009

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Jennifer Lopez

My choice in salutation here apparently, has everyone’s Agent Provocateurs in a knot. Why exactly I am not certain. I think perhaps it’s because miss thing has such an obvious urban flair in which cannot be suffocated by couture. But my dears, I love the street edgyness she uses almost as an accessory! We celebrate many styles here at the Luxe Beaute headquarters (aka my tiny home office, we being me). And who doesn’t love a good Diva Cinderella from the Bronx story? You people are indeed made of stone.

What once began as a frumpy wardrobe is now simply “oh la la”. And its so lovely that she now has buckets of money come into her own and can afford to push her inner Diva out for the world to see. Love her sophisticated siren looks- while I am not really one for doing the whole single sholder look for those under 45, she pulls it off. And with that skin tone, the woman just glows in white, fleshy pinks, and greens. I appreciate how she does Cavalli and Versace in particular, two stylists I feel clothing looks much better stuffed with some meat. Let us not forget she is the reason curvy became cool in couture, thus prompting designers to create more four the hourglass silhouette. Ditto for her risk taking with bringing casual street style influences into the noveau fashion riche scene… Scoff all you will but who made who fashion God and decided that tacky or gaudy is always a bad thing? Lopez tows the line well, the girl knows what she’s doing… a haute gown, delicious heels, some in your face blingery- bet never really too much. Usually one or two pieces that scream Jlo from the block made a turn down fashion district way. Loving it. I call this subtle but not so subtle choice Manelli-Eltonizing. While it doesn’t work for everyone, it works for her.

Jlo, I forgive you for channeling your inner Cher at times making some runway mistakes. It can happen to the best of us, no one is perfect- sometimes us Rican gals can get a little crazy. As for all the negative hooplah re such choices as head wraps and hats, I don’t agree- I thank you for them actually! Your bringing Bianca back. And it don’t get me started on those who ripped you apart for that Thomas Wylde dress because I adoreed that look along with the fact you had no need to show off any skin (ok, the fur vest ehem, not so much but in my defense I didn’t see that photo until later). And besides that, the Cavalli Tiger print dress (shown above), that Temperley London emerald green jersey dress (photo 5 & 6 below), and those darling little Twiggy-esque numbers paired with Loubouton thigh high suede boot truly make up for it anyway.

While I would not go so far as to say she’s a fashion icon, Lopez definitely knows how to mix things up, is influential, and deserves due props. Jennifer Lopez is hands down, the best moth to butterfly transformation seen in decades…. On that note, Luxe Beaute salutes you!

January 1, 2009

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Diva Salutes Dede Wilsey

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“What’s it going to be like in my Manolos?” Dede Wilsey

Luxe Beaute Blog hearts our local socialites. And why shouldn’t we? They tend to be much deeper than those ne’er-do-wells of L.A. some big cities; you know, gals who are indeed stylish but far to young to have any true style, the ones who are famous for nothing at all. In our book, a socialite must be philanthropic, need as much intelligence and substance as wealth, and usually requires a bit of age under their belt. It certainly does not hurt at all when there is a bit of controversy thrown into the mix. Think Elizabeth Taylor possessed by Joan Collins and we are intrigued.

Enter Diane Dow Buchanan, better known as Dede Wilsey, a major philanthropic player also prominent on the social axes of San Francisco and Napa Valley. She is on the boards of the SF Ballet and the SF Opera, President of the board of trustees of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and spearheading the rebuilding of the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park raising $200 ML in funds.

Dede’s Father is Wiley T. Buchanan, United States chief of protocol under Eisenhower and  former Ambassador to Austria and Luxembourg; her maternal great-grandfather, Herbert Henry Dow was the founder of Dow Chemical. Dede was reared basically, to become a politician’s wife. Until then, the followed the path of debutante extrordinnare, and was even featured in Town & Country as the debutante of the year. Even so, she was privileged but not spoiled. At the tender age of 21 she wed shipping magnate and art collector John Traina and moved to SF where she had no local connections to speak of and feared her social debutante life was over. She began to make friends quickly and began her charitable efforts…  As the story goes, Dede left John Triana for her BFF Pat Montandon’s incredibly rich Hubby Al Wilsey-readers may recall the character of Prue Giroux in Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of The City was based on Montandon. It would be remiss to leave out the fact the Montandon-Wilsey separation was a huge to do amongst SF society and the details of their extravagant lifestyle and divorce were written up on an almost daily basis. In an interesting twist, Dede goes on to Al Wilsey, Al’s old Mistress (from his marriage to Pat) the one and only Danielle Steel ends up wedding John Triana, ex Hubby of Dede. And both weddings take place within the same week. Got all that? [For more info on this see prior Luxe blog entry, Rise and fall of a socialite].

Dede has taken a lot of slack for the portrait of greedy bejeweled harpy painted by  stepson Sean Wilsey  in his nearly 500 page memoir Oh the Glory of it All.  The book describes her as a monstrously evil step mother who ripped his parents marriage apart simply because she could and manipulated Al into giving her the bulk of his $300 million He writes This is what Dede did. She got to know Mom, found her greatest weakness (pride and vanity), stole her greatest asset (family), mocked Mom’s presence in a world where she didn’t belong (society), lit Mom’s fuse, and watched her explode.…Humn… Logic Blog intuition dictates it is all absolute rubbish considering the numerous trusts she has established for various organizations- that’s quite a feat, balancing generosity and cruelty so evenly.  Not to mention as wifey she likely didn’t have to put up a fight to insure inheritance and had buckets of her own money anyhow… Oh yeah, he also says she made him sleep in the attic, though I’m betting that attic was as bigger than my house.

We adore her response to the book in general: “I am just so entertained by this thing, I cannot tell you.”Yesterday Sean had his own birthday wrong. Sorry to laugh, but it’s quite comical. I’m saving these Chronicles for my new puppy’s bathroom, so they’re becoming very valuable to me. Little Twinkle is going to tinkle on this.” Touché!

This reputation is reinforced through colorful tales told by the San Francisco elite.  A recounting of Christmas morning when a Al Wilsey, seriously ill, sat by as his wife as she opens box upon box of brooches worth abt $2,000,000 a piece, proceeding to pin them one  after another to her bathrobe… We do love the grandness of this brooch storage story. And we do love her response:  “I don’t even wear bathrobes, Sean wouldn’t know what a brooch cost if his life depended on it. Probably that would be a gross exaggeration. Sean is not fit to estimate a price of a piece of jewelry. I doubt he ever bought one. Al always gave me jewelry, so did my ex-husband, so did my father. It wasn’t new to my life, so I don’t know what Sean’s point was. I already had a dishwasher.” AN article in W Mag in which left leaving readers withthe impression she is self absorbed and flighty, accompanied by photos in her her Jackson Street Pacific Heights mansion wearing an emerald green gown and some very impressive bobbles whilst  a servant stands by. And let’s don’t forget the rumors… An annual XMas party where guests form a line to great her like the Queen and thosae who don’t will not be invited back. Tales from the rich in regards to trading favors for donations and mofioso like ways of extracting. Or the rarely countered statement that if one crosses her, your doomed in SF. In all honestly, we hope it is. And if it is all just pure rumor, it reinforces  exactly how powerful and strong the woman really is. [click to read a wonderful interview article]

With all that said, let’s move forward. Dede Wisley is an incredibly stylish woman. No, she isn’t breaking ground fashion wise, but in a sense, this is actually a very large part of why I wanted to give her a solute. She keeps it interesting and fun while complying comply the laws of stylish aging. She is never dowdy and always chic; her choice in designers and fit ooze confidence.

The whole “age appropriate” thing has such a negative connotation to it, so much so that I have a hard time placing it into a blog about such a vibrant woman. But the style owned by Dede certainly proves the stereotypical concept of age appropriate fashion is not of a boxed in style void of expression.

1) Cartier, 2) Carolina Hererra, 3) Oscar de la Renta, 4 & 5) Chanel, 6) Michael Vollbracht

December 28, 2008

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Dita Von Teese

Not only is she an insanely gorgeous throwback to old glam, ironically she’s just as famous for being naked as her fierce fashion sense! While there might have been a handful out frocks that weren’t jaw dropping in my book, she still rocked them like no one’s business. Aside from the obvious vintage influences, Dita Von Teese plays around with Moschino,  Dior, Louis Vuitton and (duh!) Christian Lacroix.

One would have to be an aged drug idled has been musician with a girls name idiot to not see how stylish, beautiful and all around perfect the gal is.

April 13, 2008

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Rita Moreno

Being that one of my ultimate idols, Miss Rita Moreno (aka the un-Diva Diva) was one of many celebs to kick of fashion week in the Heart Truth Fashion Show for heart disease awareness, this was my opening for heroine worship. Let me preface that usually my hero worship of  Miss Rita in writing is certainly nothing new; in academia I have expounded on her influence of film and film choices, as a role model and pretty much the only Puerto Rican to cross over into roles which were sort of “race less”. But ya know, this blog is a superficial one, so the fact she is one of only eight individuals to have earned each of the major entertainment awards or her general brilliance don’t wash here.

Granted, Rita Moreno is not the person who comes immediately to mind for most when it comes to fashion icons. Gotta say, I’m not real sure why not… When I picture the glamour of retro era swimsuits in which everyone is trying to reproduce nowadays, I always picture Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Bettie Paige, and that darling still photo of Rita in hers. And when I think about the swing dress with character, who but “Anita” really do we picture?  She gave it a wee bit more pizzazz than her angelic counterparts did. The woman was-and still is – so very hot and stylish, Peggy Lee’s “Fever” should play every time she walks into a room. And if you pay her much mind nowadays, you will come to find she is constantly in attendance at some of the hottest designer fashion shows- thus further proving she knows her stuff. Did anyone else wear a hotly devilish all red ensemble better than she? I think not. She worked it.

Keep workin’ it Rosa Delores Alverio- better known as Queen Bee Rita Moreno. Luxe Blog Salutes (and worships) your fabulousness!

February 9, 2008

Très Chic (Mini) Fashionistas: Luxe Blog (gives a mini) Salutes to the Olsen Twins

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This month I was wracking my brain to figure out who-if anyone- deserved a LB shout out salute. While the first sign I should have let it go this month may have been that no one immediately came to mind, that is not necessarily unusual. Plus I like a challenge. Mentioning my quarry to a few friends they gave half arsed suggestions… “how about Scarlett Johansson?” Maybe, that could work, I said without a lot of enthusiasm needed to write it all up. This is because although she is fabbo chic, I am waiting for her to get a little more refined… How about a Kate Moss or Paris Hilton type?” Ek gads, err, no I said… And when another pal said “write up a child star!”, a light bulb immediately went of in my head- why of course! The Olson twins! I mean common, why not? Ive already covered their drug idled fashion mother from another mother Courtney Love and these youngins sure do know how to do heroin chic well sans the actual substance. So herein lies my justification. And so it goes…

Admittedly, I can’t tell who is who.  So I will refer to them both as one here. I gnow that one of them is more of a mini Courtney Love while the other unfortunately channels Stevie Nicks… At any rate, I am rather intregued by the fact these ladies went from toddling along in a horrifically unfashionable tv show to the somewhat in the know mini fashionistas they are now.Be that as it may, I can’t deny that I would enjoy raiding their sunglass case closet.

So here’s to you Olsen girls! You have now revcieved the first Luxe Blog mini salute!

January 10, 2008

Tre Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Sadly, today marks the 37th anniversary of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s passing. It is only fitting that she be the first Fashionista salute Luxe Blog gives out, as well as in remembrance.

When we think of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel , simplicity and elegance come to mind. In reality,her personal style and approach to fashion was avant garde. Christian Dior said it best: “With a black pullover and ten rows of pearls she revolutionized fashion.”

Coco Chanel was certainly not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, nor was she particularly influenced by high fashion.Her style ideals were birthed out of the comfortability of the clothing she borrowed from her male lovers- by adabting male attire for womenswear, she came to leave her signature mark on the fashion world.

She established her first shop in Deauville in 1909, founded her first house of couture there in 1913, opened in Paris in 1914, and ruled the fashion world from the 1920’s until far beyond her passing. She put women in slacks, brought costume jewlery into the couture realm, gave us the little black dress and the iconic & timeless suit that anyone can spot, buttery soft quilted handbags, classic fragrances and more. Oh yes, she also supplied millions of women with class.

She said: “I set the fashion for a quarter of a century. Why? Because I knew how to express my own time.”

Here’s to the original Diva- Coco Chanel, Luxe Beaute Blog salutes (and worships) you.

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