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January 12, 2013

Pat Montandon: The Rise and Fall of a Socialite

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Last night I decided to re-read Sean Wilsey’s 2005 memoir Oh the Glory of It All … I recall vividly the minute I originally found out it was slated for publication, as I was in pre-order heaven. I was hoping for a You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again meet Flowers in the Attic type read, and I knew it was going to be mostly a bullshit tale infused with all sorts of sordid details on his two socialite mommies- Pat Montandon and Step Mother, Dede Dow Buchanan Wilsey. Being that I am on team Dede and figured he wasn’t, the thought that he would perform literary rape on bio Mom never crossed my mind. Although he bashes the hell out of Dede, he also does his best to paint Montandon is immature, spoiled, self entitled, and totally bat shit crazy. Meeting her, he writes, was “like meeting a celebrity you never heard of.”

Pat Montandon began as a dirt poor gal from Okalahoma born to evangelical Nazarene ministers (yup, both parents). As she got older, she got hotter, and eventually made the move to Dallas to pursuit a modeling career and ended up wedding her first husband, Haward Groves. After 12 yrs of marriage she gave him the heave-ho, moved to SF, and became a model for I Magnin. Somewhere in this time frame she worked as a TV host, became society editor for the Examiner, wrote a book about party planning, and had a fling with Frank Sinatra.

Next she took up with Melvin Belli. Mel promised pat he would put the kybosh on his playboy and boozing ways, so the couple said I DO in a Shinto ceremony in Japan. The marriage was so brief it was dubbed Thirty Seconds over Tokyo in the press. Her next Hubby was Al Wilsey, a wealthy tycoon nine years her senior. The marriage to Al allowed Pat to take socialite status to new heights and she became renowned as the ultimate party planner. During their marriage the couple had a  6,000 SF penthouse in the Summit Building atop Russian Hill, set 800 feet of the ground with panoramic views (later owned by Charlotte Shultz), as well as a second home in Napa.

Al may have showered Pat with furs and jewels but he had a major rep as a playboy; it is said he had extra marital affairs with everyone from Dinah Shore to Danielle Steele. Pat thought they were blissfully happy until 1980 when Al announced he wanted a divorce, would not give her a dime, and was moving out. Pat called then BFF Dede who was floored by the news- Dede came to her Pat’s rescue by treating her to a vacation in Puerto Vallerta while Al moved out. The Montandon-Wilsey split was a huge to do amongst SF society and the details of their extravagant lifestyle and divorce were written up on an almost daily basis. While awaiting finalization of divorce, Pat was granted $20,000 per month alimony, in which she fought. Pat asked for a minimum of $57,000, insisting that 20K per month only leaves her with $7,000 by the end of each month- not nearly enough to sustain the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Al denounced the amount, stating it was more appropriate for Prince Charles or the Sha of Iran. In all of this, Mommy dearest was labeled The World’s Most Expensive Wife, the blond dumbshell and Pushy Galore by local papers. Likewise, Armistead Maupin made Pat a character (as Prue Giroux) in Tales of the City.

In a Falcon Crest-esque chain of events, Dede left hubby John Triana to wed Al and Al’s old mistress Danielle Steel married Triana. And poor Pat, now socialite non grata, decided to jump off the penthouse terrace and asked her son to tag along. He told her he didn’t think that was a good idea.  She’ didn’t jump.

So what is a denounced socialite to do? Come to the revelation the purpose of her beauty was to save children from a nuclear holocaust and create a utopian society. She organized peace rallies for children in San Francisco and formed Children as Teachers of Peace. She took the took trips- with children in toe- Rome to see the Pope, Gandhi, Indira Helmut Kohl, Menachem, Moscow to met members of the Soviet Peace Committee and the Kremlin to meet with the chairman of the Council of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. Being that there was sincerity behind all this kooky and cultish humanitarianism, Pat was honored with the United Nations Peace Messenger Award as well as nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nowadays, Pat is still working the philanthropic circuit, but in and with a much different crowd than before. In counter attack of her Son’s tell all Glory of It All,  she penned Oh the Hell of it All . A fine read, to be sure- but much like the new testament, it is not nearly as page turning as the original.

April 15, 2011

Someone is Seeing Red: Christian Loubouttin vs YSL

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Say it ain’t so! One of our favorite Parisian footwear provocateurs Christian Louboutin filed suit this week against another of our favorite footwear masters Yves Saint LaurentCry Cry Le Sigh…  What stemmed the lawsuit you ask? It is a simple case of mistaken identity: YSL’s Palais line of pumps & slingbacks both sport read soles. And not just any shade of red, but that in which is virtually identical to what we have come to coin as loubie red. Being that CL does actually own the trademark in which is described as “lacquered red sole on footwear”, the usage by another couture fashion house was a red light go for Christian the man/the master to call in the legal team .

Ok kids, I am actually quite intrigued… As a small business owner myself, I have a hard time believing it’s all together legally cut and dry to trademark something so common as a color. On the other hand, YSL should have better known better! It is not as if they have never seen a Loubie- sista please!  I love you YSL, but I am almost embarrassed for you in this faux paux. I love love love me some brightly soled YSL heels! The yellow and blue are to die… so really now?  Really??!?

We shall see how this one turns out my fashionista friends.

March 1, 2011

Dior Fires John Galliano…: Il a été viré!

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Its official! John Galliano has become so controversial he was fired from his own label under the house of Dior, thus from Dior for the second time this month [caveat: yes I realize I just convoluted that entire sentence]. The only statement I have seen so far from Dior is  “the House of Galliano “is not an immediate priority” … Ouchy… But this is Dior being, well, Dior and keeping some class about them. As readers are aware, Galliano was arrested in February for allegedly spewing multiple racist remarks toward patrons in a Paris bar causing quite a bit of controversy and unwanted trashy press all around. While we revel in the fact he is an interesting and quirky individual who divinely carries this over into his design work, we shirk away from said individualistic artistes when they become ignorant racist bafoons who drunkenly praise Hitler. Yes, fashion still holds a smidgen of ethical integrity, even in this day and age.

Dior would pull through the controversy of course–just not with Galliano. We shall see where he goes from here, eh?

November 15, 2008

Couture Cell Phones: The Coolest of the Cool

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Lucky for my bank account I am not into expensive and fancy cell phones… Groovy new fangled technology does not interest me at all- matter of fact I can still barely work my remote, I always have to reset my Palm TX and I absolutely hate when I am told to upgrade or update anything electronic and have yet to use the camera on my cell. So yeah, in no way shape or form am I a techie tho’ I secretly wish I was- hell, I’m so far removed from one that I don’t even know how to spell it!

Also, I really don’t need to high sign with my celly because well, I will just loose or break it… or somebody will inevitably steal or rob me because after all, I do live in Oakland. I’m not exaggerating either- it happened once before and it was only an old RAZR V so…

Cell Phones by Designer Houses These don’t ordinarily do anything innovative or cool per se, but they sure look good. I am one of many of the mindset too many designer accessories is just plain tacky so if I were into celly couture, I’d do one of the sleek and chic Japanese issues (sans diamond encrustment of course)… The MOTORAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana is modeled after the MOTORAZR V3, the MOTORAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana has a luxurious gold and silver finish with an engraved Dolce & Gabbana logo. While I don’t think it does anything really spectacular other than shine away, it does have an SD card so you can read it via computer or printer, downloading and drop/dragging pics and such too and from. But hold on to your hats kids because now there is a Diamond Edition Dolce & Gabbana Motorola RAZR V3i crafted with 855 diamonds that weight 3.8 carat. There is also the Prada LG Cell phone, From the company that brought you the world’s first 60 inch plasma TV. LG and Prada worked together to introduce the first full touch screen cell phone completely controlled by a three inch touch screen, which is kinda cool actually. Only two other phones currently have featured stylus-less touch screen navigation, and they hope this may be the beginning of the next new trend amongst cell phone manufacturers-we shall see. Now supposedly there is a Gucci and also Louis Vuitton cell phone too but other than an online photo, I have yet to get any legit info on it at all. Now this next one is right up my alley! It’s the Vertu Signature Cobra by Boucheron and it is awesome looking-totally reminds me of the Dior Samourai 1947 handbag collection. Vertu is now taking orders for the Signature Cobra, designed by French jeweler Boucheron, but you had better be quick as I hear only 8 are being made! The Cobra will feature one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. Vertu will also be offering a “cheaper” version, ruby free, at the bargain price of $115,000.

Sleek and Chic High Tech Cell Phones Wow, some of these are amazing, tho’ I have no idea what the hell they actually do. Apparently the World Most Expensive Cell Phone just happens to be is the one and only Designed by diamond encruster extraordinaire Peter Aloisson The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is sometimes quoted as the World’s most expensive cell phone and has a Windows CE-based smartphone ready for Aloisson’s bejeweling that employs “powerful encryption technology” to “provide secure protection of information against kidnapping, technological blackmail, financial racketeers and corrupted state officials” — what this actually means hell if I know, but it must make the paranoid owner feel pretty important. But just to loosen up that tie so that its not all about CIA business, its accessorized with 50 blue diamonds. 2nd in line is the Million dollar “Le Million De La Nuit Cell made by GoldVish, which comes in 15 different incarnations, encrusted with diamonds or not depending on your preference, but always made with at least 140 grams of solid gold.  Third in line is the Motorola SLVR L7 Diamond Mobile Phone ( $75000) while it doesn’t really appear to do shit in the advanced robotic sense of the word, it is the possessor of 260 top quality diamonds beautifully framed around the case of the cell phone. Austrian designer Peter Aloisson, has taken a standard Motorola, studded it with 1,200 diamonds and added a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold. And the Nokia Vertu has been touted (tagged?) as the equivalent to a Ferrari in Car Industry. Unlike all these bling blingy phones this one actually does something. According to Vertu’s website, they spend twice as many hours went into the research and development of the Vertu Ascent than goes into a modern Formula One racing car. While I have no idea what the hell all that means, I think its safe to assume it’s a fast phone and while cruising for free Asian porn, its owner will not be settled with interruptions and crashes… Also kinda neat looking is the Russia based Gresso, is a new entry into the luxury phone market. The Gresso Luxury Phone is made of gold and African Blackwood and apparently they will be releasing a collection of five models in the near future. Currently there are two versions of the African Blackwood phone, one with pink gold highlights named the Gresso Blackwood Gold Edition, and one made entirely of African Blackwood. In addition to the two African Blackwood phones Gresso also make a phone made entirely of pink gold named the Gresso Gold phone. Initially, the phones will be on sale only in Russia.

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