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September 5, 2010

New Givenchy Add Campaign: Meet Lea T, Transgender Model

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3 cheers to Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci in his choice of Lea T as the new face of Givenchy for fall 2010/winter 2011ad campaign. The Brazilian bombshell actually began as Tisci’s personal assistant. He quickly noticed her beauty and potential with the fashion house, her role quickly changing to muse and model. Lea’s place within the Givenchy house family began earlier this summer with a couture presentation in Paris and skyrocketed from there into magazine and runway work placing her as a fixture in the fashion world.

Lea, 28, was born Leandro Cerezo and is the daughter of well-known former Brazilian football player Toninho Cerezo. Lea was raised in a well to do family where her privileged background accounts for much of her poise and aristocratic sort of nature; even so, the contradiction of living life as a elegant and beautiful high class woman while you were not born as one was incredibly difficult within a culture where gender roles are taken literally in their femininity and machismo. But as an out and proud transgendered person, she has (and does) persevere through the struggles in order to be true to herself, in spite of social and cultural hang-ups.

There is some debate as to whether Lea has been hyped and placed into the throws of haute couture as a gimmick vs. modeling muse goddess. While it could have began as a mix of the two, she has quickly risen and based on the nature of her struggle and openness of identity Lea has made a cultural impact with meaning—a much needed and refreshing change in the superficial world of modeling. While   androgyny has always been an important component of fashion, Lea has taken it further in substance evolution.

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