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June 9, 2010

Best 2010 Summer Trend: Bold Purple Toned Lippies (Fuchsia, Hot Pinks and Lavender)

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Yes it’s true… I have removed all my usual neutral lipsticks from the purse in exchange for some bold and brash new hues. So long to my beloved Blonde Venus (Nars), Totally Nude (Too Faced Cosmetics) and Fresh Moroccan (MAC), hello amped vamp! Think multi colored rose garden this summer.

Hot bold Pinks: My #1 hot pink shade pick so far is definitely MAC lipstick in Girl about Town ($14.00). I picked this one up in March or April on a whim (aka when utilizing the Back to Mac program getting 3 free lipsticks) and I must say it was a surprisingly fine choice. It’s a creamy opaque in a bright pink & fuchsia shade and there is absolutely no color change from container to lips, which is incredibly rare for bright shades. It’s a rich deep bright pink, if that makes sense! Coming in at a close second would be Centrifuchsia by Lime Crime ($16.00) and Rebel by Mac ($14.00). In comparison to GAT, Centrifishcia is a tad shinier and thinner while Rebel is not quite as rich in pigment, a lighter hot pink yet just as bright. While the color difference between the two shades is only by a smidgen, I would say (IMHO) based on undertones that Girl About Town really pops on more pale skin while Rebel is amazing on darker skin.  Show Orchid (MAC) is comparable to the above two but is more “see through”. Being that this is the case, I imagine that it goes on differently for everyone and can be enhanced (either lighter or brighter) by layering. While I wouldn’t dare add gloss to Girl about Town, Show Orchid would be a great back up if you desire to have a “Mac Glass”look.  If your looking more for a transparent brightness that doesn’t overwhelm, go with Sunrise Fuchsia by Givinchy or Magenta by Motives.

Lilac/Violet/Lavander(ish) Shades: My Hands down, #1 pick here is Up the Amp (MAC)- I wear this one at least once a week. This creamy deep shade is amazing. It’s like magic and looks gorgeous on all skin tones. There’s something crazy about this formula- in fact when I’m grabbing lippies out of my handbag, this one looks like any of my beige neutrals at first glance bc its sort of mauve but then goes on amazingly deep Violet color. [MAC, please someday start putting the names of shades on the side of containers for us addicts, will ya?!]. Also good are Airborne Unicorn by Lime Crime, Lavender Whip by Mac, and the more subtle Iced Lavender by NYX.. And don’t forget: Lavender-ish shades can be a little unforgiving, they really need to be tried out to find what works. I don’t suggest ordering on line and please whatever you do, don’t go Matte. Understandably, if this color trend continues into Winter (which I am betting it will with variations), save it for then. That is, if you can get away with it- these bright and purplish hues are much more flattering in a non mutted state of color.

Magenta & Purple Shades: While I haven’t personally hit the electrified Magenta lippie market yet simply because Purple and reds have always been my staple “go to” look when I feel like something different, little birdies are telling me its all about Rock Chick by Lancôme. If you’re a brave soul with a darker edge,  go deeply bold with Rebel (a vivid purple) or Cyber (a majorly bright deep purple), both by MAC.

The key to these bright trends is you want the shade to pop out as Pretty and complimentary, not as 1980’s bright. You know, be subtle in your not so subtleness! And nix the eye shadow, or leave it totally neutral flesh tone. Remember, these shades stand alone. When I’m doing these lippies, I tend to go with just mascara (curling lashes a wee bit more than my usual daytime look to make up for it) and at night I nix the black liner for beautiful bright yet subtle one  in in a complimentary but not overwhelming shade, usually VaVaVoom gel liners in Peakock or Marcasite (by Pritty Kitty of course!).

December 29, 2009

Pantone Fashion Color Report Winter 2010

The Fall 2009 fashion season kicked off an onslaught of hot styles and exciting colors journeying from the runway to the real world.  Subtle contrasts make up the diverse palette continuing through Winter of 2010, and this season designers will play with a broad spectrum of color resulting in distinct  yet cohesive combination’s. Like a painter’s palette, Winter offers choice and diversity in an unexpected integration of colors.

As typical with any economic turn down, note the incorporation of neutrals and muted yet eye popping tones. While summer incorporated bright pinks, reds and the like, these colors have been toned down for winter. “Designers recognize the desire for fundamental basics that speak to current economic conditions, but also understand the need to incorporate vibrant color to grab the consumers’ eyes and entice them to buy.” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute.

American Beauty is a wonderfully balanced true red which speaks to the need for cohesiveness and is perfect for all skin tones.  Purple Heart connotes a sense of refinement and sensuality, adding an air of creativity and excitement to the top 10. A warmer, more subdued Honey Yellow carries the 2009 color of the year (PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa) through to fall and current winter with its golden tones. Strong yet understated Iron serves as the “new black,” making traditional basics much more interesting. Crème Brûlée, a grayed-down beige, and Nomad, which bridges the gap between beige and light gray, also speak to the need for timeless neutrals. Fall would not be complete without seasonal favorite yet versatile Burnt Sienna, a deepened, earthy shade of orange, reminiscent of an autumn sunset. Adding spark to the fall palette, Rapture Rose artfully captures the vibrancy of fuchsia and the softness of pink. Underscored by nurturing and feminine tones, Rapture Rose enlivens the more traditionally subdued fall hues. Look for it in cosmetics as well as clothing and accessories. Like the olive in a martini, Warm Olive, a rich yellow-green, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to fall. Majolica Blue, a deep, mysterious teal blue with more vibrancy than the usual navy. Bringing  an exotic flair to the group,

Pairing Purple Heart and American add an unusual but exciting twist and Honey Yellow with its color wheel opposite, Purple Heart add a surprising flair. For a more typical fall combination group Honey Yellow with Burnt Sienna and Iron- Neither gray nor brown, Iron is a grounding color that coordinates well with all colors in the palette. Iron, CB and nomad are three classics that can stand alone or serve as anchors when paired with other colors. Pairing Burnt Sienna with Nomad and Rapture Rose creates a different twist. Olive is an intriguing hue which makes all other colors come alive, but particularly so when combined with Majolica. Try combining Majolica with Burnt Sienna or Purple Heart. You will see all of these color combos on the Fall runways and like I always suggest, the budgeted fashionista should try incorporating these hues through tights and experimenting.

American Beauty, Purple Heart, Honey Yellow, Iron, Burnt Sienna, Nomad, Rapture Rose, Warm Olive, Majolica Blue and Crème Brulee.


The colors featured in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report are culled from the PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System, the most widely used and recognized color standard in the world. Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week to collect feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration and color philosophy. This information is used to create the PANTONE Fashion Color Report and serves as a reference tool throughout the year for fashion enthusiasts, reporters and retailers.

May 15, 2009

Yellow was the new black but orange is the new yellow for summer and hot pink and green shades will be the new orange for Fall

Did ya get all that?

Now of course I can’t take any legitimate credit for the Summer color scheme considering it is made up by the design elite close to two years in advance,  but both my closet and eye is happy with such a fitting transition from the yellow of 08. Upon planing my Summer color palette a few months back, I knew my main staples were going to be orange and white, and bold magenta type hues. As everyone is likely sick of hearing, I have been really into contrasting colors (or in fashion industry lingo “harmonizing opposites”) and finding ways to make them work successfully, which initially came about when I couldn’t resist purchasing an opalescent pseudo army green and pink skirt that I adore…

My favorite harmonizing opposites are army green with pink, creamcicle orange with pastel pink, red and pink,  and aqua or teal with rust orange. Noticeably many are pairing up rust orange and browns, orange and red and deep purple with dark or bright blues (but unfortunately these aren’t really working for my tone). Spring/Summer 2009 implies the idea that fashion is not the serious matter we know it to be in reality. The fun lies in mixing and combining pieces or the possibility of changing the volumes of clothes through invisible mechanisms. The color preferences, general fashion considerations and styling directions in this years Color Trends & Fashion Inspirations are divided up into three categories: Chic, Classic and Casual.

***NOTE***The TFL Color Trends & Fashion Inspirations catalog (spring / summer 2009 season) was originally realized in association with the two well-know designers Carmen Rimoldi and Sergio Belloni. The main advantage of this trend book for TFL’s customers is that it is published 21 months in advance of the retail season.

TFL Fashion & Color Inspirations

Spring/Summer 2009

Chic                                       Classic                          Casual

February 19, 2009

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2009

Pantone, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today released the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report Spring 2009. The report features the top 10 colors for women’s fashion for spring ’09, along with designer sketches, quotes and headshots.

The availability of the PANTONE Fashion Color Report coincides with the beginning of  Fashion Week of course! For all my obsessed fashioniestas out there, you can download a pdf of the report in its entirety here

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