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January 18, 2018

Review: The Waterweight Line by MAC

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I didn’t really pay much mind to all of the hoopla surrounding the release of MAC’s waterweight foundation a few years back because I haven’t used a MAC foundation in upward 15 years. As I have gotten older so has my skin, and all of their foundations just began to sit heavy on my face and settle into laugh lines, even when they were lighter weight formulations. Per usual though, an impromptu stop into MAC and discovery of this lines recent expansion prompted my interest.

Studio Waterweight Foundation + SPF 30 ($35.00) This foundation is feather-light, yet somehow manages to provide a decent amount of coverage for me, and the SPF is a major perk. It plays well with other products, such as lotions, creams, and primers. The foundation itself is gel-like in consistency, feeling and acting more like a serum than foundation, which is great. I find it to be moisturizing, and it feels good on the skin. Wear time on this is slightly below average to me, and begins to somewhat fade out and off after about 6 hours. Even so, I am so impressed by the sort of “oomph” it gives my skin that I just utilize it for those mellow, medium active days. [For reference I am NC30 in this foundation]

Studio Waterweight Concealer ($23.00) This concealer is gel like and feather weight just like its big sister. I find the hydration on the concealer to also mimic that of the foundation. Truth be told, this could actually act as a better version of the foundation (providing more coverage). I find the wear time of this product to be a bit longer than the foundation; however, it does tend to crease just a smidgen around fine lines about 6-ish hours in. On the upside, its so easily bendable that you can just tap your fingers and smooth out the creasing without upsetting the coverage at all. On the downside, this contains no SPF – kind of a head scratcher to me, given that the delicate eye area really calls for protection. [For reference I am NW25 in this concealer]

Studio Waterweight Pressed Powder ($36.00) This powder is buttery soft, and somehow manages to feel hydrating. It evened out my skintone and seemed to smooth imperfections. It also leaves no powdery or dry look behind, which is a major plus. This is lovely be it used with or without foundation underneath. Used in conjunction with the waterweight foundation, it does set nicely and seems to give lasting power in terms of overall coverage. In terms of cons, the shade range is lacking which can make it difficult to find a match. Likewise, these are dual shaded powders with one half being slightly pink, and I found the first color I picked up which was a perfect match initially (Medium Plus) oxidized badly within the first hour and I had to exchange it and go lighter. However, once you find that perfect shade, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much the skin seems to love this formulation. This is one of the best feeling powders I have ever tried/used. [For reference I am shade Medium in this powder]

106 Triangular Concealer Brush ($25.00) This was a major miss for me. Although I was entranced with it via the application and usage via the MAC makup artist’s magical hands, once I got home and tried this on my own a couple times I was in misery. The bristles are really stiff, the shape is awkward,  and I found it to really pull and tug at the delicate eye area. This was a fail all around and I am betting this will be discontinued in a hot minute.

All in all, I am a fan of the Studio Waterweight line. So much in fact that I’d love to see expansion in the way of ultrahydrating lip products, as well as serums and the like.


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