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July 6, 2017

Review: Urban Decay Heat Palette

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Confession time: This is the first UD shadow palette I have ever purchased… I know, I know – but hear me out! I had no real need for the Naked 1, 2, or 3 because they were chalk full of neutrals and transitional shades that I already own a plethora of in single form from various cosmetic co’s. As for UD’s other palettes, they were either smokey (which is my nemesis) or (again) dupes of shades I already owned. Until I spotted this baby that is. When I saw this, it was impulse buy central – my inner warm toned adoring demon took over, and I went for it. This palette is on FIRE.

This is a beautiful palette consisting of 12 lovely neutral and warm shades. This palette is seriously the rainbow of warm hues – well, if one existed. There are ambers, browns, burnt oranges, rich siennas, copper tones, shifty bronzes, and rust shades. It consists of both mattes and shimmers, and can be worked into day or evening looks. The pigmentation is marvelous, staying power is excellent, and I got no creasing or fading. Dispite the fact there are so many similarly hued shades in this palette, the colors did not muddy at all. I see you UD, yes, I see what you did.

While I love the shades and performance, I am not a huge fan of the bulky packaging. However, I can get over that. I think this is an excellent and well priced palette for the warm shadow lovers out there.

naked heat



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