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May 31, 2017

Beauty Heroes May Beauty Discovery: Circle of Protection By max and me

A guardian of skin and spirit, Circle of Protection is an exquisite body oil that works on a physical and energetic level to support radiance and luminosity, inside and out. Blended with highly vibrant plant materials and essences, every application is a baptism of light energy, shielding and strengthening the subtle body. Delicately fragrant vetiver, bourbon geranium, brightening magnolia, uplifting jasmine and  shielding manuka envelope the aura while high vibrations of litsea and silver fir, attract cosmic protection and white light. Skin looks more radiant and supple while mind and soul rediscover serenity. With a regular ritual, Circle of Protection helps harmonize our inner and outer worlds, bringing a sense of balance and peace. [Credit: Beauty Heroes website] 

This months Beauty heroes box included a full size Circle of Protection Body Oil and travel size with pump, and a sample of Enchanted Face Oil.

The Circle of Protection Body Oil by Max and Me is a lovely and luxurious body oil made up of a unique blend of moisturizing and antioxidant oils (to include argan, marula, and rosehip) along with a variety of additional potent plant ingredients. It also includes aromatherapeutic components of vetiver, bourbon geranium, manuka honey, exotic litsea, silver fir, and jasmine. I found this body oil to be unique in that its created not only to nourish the skin, but the senses for mood uplifting. This product soaked in quickly and left my skin feeling silky and quite moisturized. Although I am beyond overstocked in body creams and oils right now, they have nothing on the M&M oil, as they are perfumed and artificially scented, somewhat synthetic (IE Jo Malone, Diptique body oil, etc). Thus this green beauty is an excellent addition. I also find the scent of this product aids in relaxation, and its a perfect night-time, before bed scent. Subbies received both the full size version and a travel size – the full size version is 3.38 oz and retails at $75.00, while the travel size is 10 ml and retails at $15.00. Being that this was both the hero product and the sidekick, I have yet to open the larger size bottle – as I make my way through the travel size, its obvious this oil will last a very long time.

The Enchanted Face Oil is infused with argan, marula, wild rose, pomegranate and evening primrose oils. Its luxuriously scented through an infusing of jasmine, ylang-ylang, champaca, frangipani, wild mountain lavender and rose. I found it to be a unique facial oil, much like that of its big-sister oil: The scent is simply intoxicating. As for performance, well, its a face oil. And believe it or not, my face hates essential oil type oils and can only handle really simplistic oil blends in my oil mixes. I find that there are many alternative oil blends out there which my skin loves, and this one I would need to be quite sparing with in order to avoid irritation. Since this was only a 2 ml, $5.00 sample size, its a nice sort of addition to use on a pampering day down the road, as I could get a couple more uses out of it easily.

All in all I am quite happy with the body oil, as its something I likely would not have splurged on otherwise. This is also a great introduction to the brand Max & Me. May’s Beauty Discovery Box is valued at $95.

NOTE: Beauty Heroes Subscription box is paid for by me and only moi- it is not gifted, sponsored, or anything of the like. All opinions are solely my own. Prior to blogging and opinionatin’ on sub box products, I use them for the entirety of the month, and give my thoughts toward the end of the month in which products are received. 

May 3, 2017

Spotlight on: Makeup Monsters Cosmetics

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You want an amazing liquid lipstick in quirky uniquely fun packaging? Are you into bold and offbeat aesthetics? Do you need your lip colors in a wide variety to fit whatever mood you may indulge in on any given day? Well, Makeup Monsters is likely the answer to your vanity woes.

Makeup Monsters is an indie cosmetics company founded in 2015 in Spokane Washington. From their webpage:

“At Makeup Monsters, we embrace individuality and exude fun in everything that we do! After-all, in the end, makeup should always include fun. Our brand focuses on creating broad color selections to suit anyone’s tastes and high quality formulas that will leave a lasting impression. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free! When you purchase from our brand, you’re not only supporting a small business with a big heart, you’re becoming a part of a family that encourages individuality in the makeup community and stands against the testing and using of animals for beauty…

I purchased 6 of their matte liquid lipsticks ($15.95 each): Redwood, Cornucopia, Nefarious, Blackened Heart, Just Add Marshmallows, and Hook, Line, and Sinker. Every one of these applied and wore like a dream. One swipe coverage, completely opaque with an even finish, and I got no feathering. These wore 6 hours+ and through meals with minimal fading.  I did not find these to be overly drying at all – in fact, I felt they were quite light and comfortable. The formula is of a great and comfortable consistency as well – not too watery or thin, and not overly thick. Transfer is minimal, to the point I barely took notice. TBH, these liquid lipsticks are a wonderful alternative for those (like me) who have given up a certain brand’s LL’s for ethical reasons [AKA he who shall not be mentioned by name]. Matter of fact, the formulation and consistency, some of the colors, and packaging is incredibly similar to “you know who’s”, almost to the point I wonder if they share a manufacturer. The color range of these is impressive; while I stayed in the fairly neutral-esque zone (flesh, browns, bricks, and greige), there is a wide range from unique fun brights to neutrals and much in between. Full disclosure: The more I wear these MM liquid lipsticks, the more impressed I am. While Stila is still my #1, MM is only a hair behind.

If you are a LL fanatic or addict, and you are looking to support indie brands, you cannot and will not go wrong giving this brand a whirl.




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