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January 7, 2017

Spotlight On: Scent Bird

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unnamedScentbird is a wonderful monthly subscription service for all of the perfume addicts out there, to include moi. For $14.95 per month, they will send you a 0.27 oz perfume of your choice – the perfumes come in a glass pray decant which is professionally labeled, which fits perfectly in their custom fragrance case, which is supplied for free as a gift with subscription.

Once you sign up, you simply begin browsing their scents and adding as many as you would like into your scent que; these can be put in order quite easily via drag and drop methods, so that you can receive scents in whatever order/month your lil’ aromatherapeutic heart and soul desires. If you are unsure about scents to add/purchase, there is also a sort of questionnaire in which one can take about preferred notes, and Scent Bird will make suggestions based on personal preferences. With so many scents to choose from, many do prefer to utilize this method. This is also an excellent “ease of use” sub service; it can be put on hold or discontinued at any time.

What I love most about scent Bird is the huge range of products and fragrance houses, as well as the generous sizing of decants one receives. While the amount is said to be a 1-month supply, I have never gone through 0.27 oz in this time period, because I rotate through scents depending on mood. As for availability of products, it’s almost overwhelming. If I had to list a con – and there is always a con with anything in existence – it would be that I often find that lesser known scents end up discontinued while in my que. Because this has happened numerous times, I now try to order these early on, instead of chucking them into my que to be sent down the road. Another con is that while there are tons of scents, not all scents from a certain fragrance house are available – for example, they offer the niche brand Montale, but only a handful.

I tend to utilize this subscription service in a few ways, for specific reasons… This is an excellent way to pick up certain high-priced niche scents in which I want to try OR have tried and like, but don’t love enough to shell out between $200-$300 for an entire bottle (or longevity isn’t up to price-par). Secondly, I love this as a way to supply up on designer fragrances that I like without having to make a full bottle purchase (which typically run $80-$120), because I tend to tire easily of designer fragrances. Last but not least, this is a great way to re-up on purse and travel sizes of scents which I own large bottles of.

If you follow my link to sign up (below), you will receive a free perfume – and so will I!

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