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June 28, 2014

Summer Looks Summer Loves

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I am falling off the beaten trend path this summer, goin’ against the grain—why? Well, I hate to admit it but I am just not feeling the boxy casualness and stuffy professionalism of 2011, let alone the summer trends. As readers could probably tell from my somewhat humdrum reviews this year nothing really made me squeal with delight fashion wise-it was all so geometric and low key that it almost forced me into REM. OK not everything was a snore, some things did catch my fancy of course… I LOVED the Jan Taminiau Tarnished Beauty collection in all its flowy aqua and flesh toned goodness. I enjoyed Chanel’s frills and I adored  Christian Siriano’s use of color butttt… everything seemed so inundated by floral and Annie Hall suiting sans shape, I just wanted to scream “where is your imagination designaholics!” Truth be told I was a lot more impressed by some off the rack pieces and colors this year, particularly BCBG.

Alrighty then, back to my summer . I am bringing back my staple white and gold. Tacky much you say? You betcha! And ya know what? I absolutely emphatically do not give a fashionestas ass. I am also all about blue and green combos this summer. Oh yeah, and my yellow is replaced by oranges-retro orange, modern orange, Hermes orang, tangerine, you name it. TONS of oranges from seasons past. Oranges as in my absolute favorite orange and white Fendi crescent bag, orange lips, orange ribbon sandal heelsOoopsy, I forgot to say I am so freaggin bored with fashion right now that I am bringing the ghetto beach fabbo oversized hat back as well. But that my friends will be flesh colored. There is, after all, only so much tackiness one can put forth before it goes from chicly ironic and hip to just plain embarrassing, right? And speaking of tacky, I vow to forgo all Cavali this summer in exchange for Etro. I hate to do it but I have yet to turn on the tv without seeing a real housewife of someplace or sport man or other wearing him, so I am over it. And I will also keep on keepin’ on with my #1 fashion pet peeve:  Noooo flats! I never have and I will continue to never do.

Crisp white skinny Jeans: Gotta have em! I will be rocking these so much people will think I never wash my clothing (not because they are dirty but because I will likely sport them 4 times a week- duh!). I will do ankle, long and cropped BUT they will all be skinny. I will not be doing stripped or pattern tops with my white jeans this summer- I feel bold solids are the way to go to keep it simple chic and I will let the shoes do the talking instead. And while there are some amazing designer jeans out there, I actually am gonna stick with low end brands; I have found lately that these work for me style and fit wise no differently than the high priced ones. Given that, I would much rather spend $20-$50 than $-$$ and I can buy more pairs thus extending their “crispness” AND it leaves me more cash for heels. If one pairs cheap jeans that fit well with high end shoes no one is the wiser and the outfit all comes together nicely, trust me.Pair it with: white tailored/fitted dress shirt, bold colored tees (orange, aqua, and peacock green), brightly patterned heels, and fedoras (not floppy hats!), and gold jewelry or layers and layers of pearls.

The Little White Dress:
I typically add 1-2 new white dresses to my wardrobe each year; one for winter and one for summer, though I always rotate between all my white dresses. I do classic yet fun and I do go designer because of quality and so that I may carry them over from season to season [as readers know, I don’t follow the guideline of seasonal trends in ///]. Because these are bigger purchases, I tend to look for after labor day bargains and then store them away (those sales are amazing and one can easily find something slashed from 1K+ to the $300 range). No long dresses and no tight or bottom body hugging either- asymmetrical hemlines in mini length, Chanel-esque babydoll look and all shades of white (crisp winter, cream, etc)… Pair it with: The highest of heels (colored, patterned, white, you name it) big floppy hats, bangles and fun rings (skip the necklaces).

 Patterned bold Dresses:
I am rather obsessed with fun, eccentric and vividly colored prints. These can be high end or no name- the key is simply making them look chic and letting the piece stand on its own (Pet Peeve #987=Nooo jewelry with this look pleeeze!).  I gravitate toward bold patterns by high end designers and  Hawaiian dresses which usually fall in the $50 range- I know, right? I also have some quirky sort of preferences in that bold pattern dresses I like longer and the Island wear I like very short. Here is where I do keep a neutral toned down colored heel and I prefer ankle wrap or strap.

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