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May 15, 2014

The MAC Maleficent Collection and Review

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Maleficent is my all time fave Disney villain. Given that, I was beyond excited to hear that MAC was releasing yet another collection in her honor. The inspiration for this collection is based on a combination of the original animated dark diva and the look given to Angelina Jolie for the upcoming Disney film Maleficent in theatres May 30th. The collection is said to consist of the actual colors and products used for the film. This limited edition collection is made up of different color-tones and uniquely different packaging design than 2010’s Venomous Villains collection. This time around MAC chose to go with a much more subtle yet chic and sleek design: double winged black raven imagery.

The Collection: The collection is made up of 12 products, although not all of these are limited edition packaging and/or colors. The Lipstick ($17.50), Lip Glass ($22.00), and Nail Lacquer ($17.50) are the only products released which are truly limited edition, as they are both special release shades and package design. The eyeshadow quad ($44.00), Sculpt Powder ($23.00), Beauty Powder ($30.00), Eyelashes ($17.50), and lip liner ($21.50) come in the limited winged design, yet the colors and actual products are in regular rotation. There is also an eyeliner, lip liner, brow stick, and Prep + Prime highlighter in this collection, yet they are in regular rotation at MAC and the packaging has not been changed.

 My Opinion: I felt this collection was marketed oddly in that MAC didn’t go all the way in changing the packaging design on all to reflect the theme. The eyeliner, lip liner, brow stick, and Prep + Prime highlighter should have been listed as an additional way to achieve the look, not actually included as “limited editions”. Minimally they could have made mini’s of these left plain, packaged in a cute bag, and upped the price to suit their desires for profit. This was rather boring to me and since I wasn’t purchasing these items to transform myself into the Disney Diva herself, I didn’t purchase these. I also did not purchase the shadow quad because I already had all the included colors , the Beauty Powder (it’s too light for my skin tone), the nail polishes bc I leave that up to the salon, nor the lashes (I use Latisse so no need for falsies)… I opted for the lipstick, lip glass, and the sculpt powder and I have to say I am impressed. Although the sculpt is not limited, I wanted to give it a try and I found it makes a lovely and subtle contour for my NC25-30 skin tone. The lippies are both limited red shades and they are wonderful in both color and formulation.

 There are some hits and some misses in this collection, that is for sure. However, luckily all items are sold separately so fans can pick and choose to their liking. That alone gets a huge “thumbs up” – I don’t know about everyone else but I can’t stand when I buy a collection and only end up liking 1 or 2 things out of 5 or more, so this is a great alternative for such disappointment. If it’s not so much about the colors or products but about the collector appeal, I personally feel MAC did a great job. Although there are rumblings amongst many who find the design rather lackluster, I find it to be a great depiction of symbolism; as the story goes, Maleficent lost her wings and she also had Diablo her beloved messenger raven and I love how MAC utilizes this aspect of the story.

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