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September 20, 2012

Critter Couture: The Zoo Chic Jewelry Trend

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I Can’t help but notice that 2013 seems to be the year of safari- we saw this in 2010 and it just happens to be making a comback. Luckily my inner psychic fashionista saw this one coming. Ok, that’s a lie, I have always just been a sucker for collecting animal pieces and now I can finally somewhat justify it (get off my property shopaholics anonymous sponsor!). And it is my blog after all so… This wild kingdom trend comes in the form of quirky animal and insect jewellery in which I adore. While of course no one can compete with the masters a la Boucheron, a myriad of designers are jumping on this fun and funky bandwagon. Gotta say, I’m loving it.

Unless you’re a toddler, be careful to toe the line between tacky and tre eccentric chic. Use invisible caution “do not cross” crime scene tape of the mind on this one or indeed it can get ugly. While everyone does accessorizing differently, this is a trend which definitely calls for careful planning.

Number one rule: Keep it simple. My advice is do not dare to rock this formally unless your outfit is completely plain and devoid of pattern or embroidery. If that is the case, it actually has an insanely lovely effect relaying an incredibly subtle eccentricity. Rule #2: I find the most flattering way to do zoo couture is by keeping clothing very simple. The animal trend is perfect with a simple outfit because it highlights it. While all black soho bitch is my favorite way to go, I’ll save this one for the colder season. As for summer, think revitalized resort look here; big hat, heels, a hot bathing suit and an animal bracelet or wring while sipping a long island ice tea. Rule #3 (well actually more like number one): Quality, quality, quality! Don’t confuse quality with cost in this trend- I am actually amazed at how many exquisite pieces I have found that look amazingly high end for a fraction. [Note: online store emitations has adorable animal jewelry ranging $150-$300 but if you browse Ebay, you will find the exact same items through various Asian dealers for $7-$25 each.] By all means if you can afford to go couture, do it- if it’s Boucheron or Cartier its art, it’s an investment after all. But if you cannot, carefully examine items for smooth lines and curves, well placed stones, high quality clasps, etc. When it comes to non designer zoo pieces, gold overlay (as apposed to solid and filed) adds to the high end illusion as well as works well for summer… Oh and most importantly- which I cannot actually even believe I have to say but…. Keep it to one piece at a time, ok ladies? This goes for other jewelry. This is such an “in your face” trend that self awareness is definitely your best friend here. Trust me ladies, if you are not careful, you will go from Paris fashion street to Jersey shore so fast you wont even know what hitcha. While we have made many advancements in our modern age, there is still no cure for Liberace Syndrome (I personally would like to donate to the scientific vaccine research).

Left to Right: Antique estate multi colored diamond hedghog ring ($5,000), MVee Diamond frog ring ($ ), Boucheron frog ring (abt $20,000), Boucheron Chameleon ring ($29,000), Cartier yellow diamond and onyx jaguar ring ($50,000), Cartier diamond and emerald crocodile necklance, Elsa Peretti snake necklace by Tiffany (abt $5,000), Butler and Wilson Panda swarovski bangle (abt $150), Owl ring by Noir, Octopus cocktail ring ($130), Salamander swarovski bangle, Elephant bangle, Haley’s snake bracelet ($800).

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