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August 16, 2012

The Leggings Debate: To do or not to do (that is in Question)

Wow, the legging trend is still going strong close to 3 years in? If not more… We started with bringing on the footless tights under medium length dresses and then moved into a complete and total 80’s revival and lastly into some serious fabric experimentation. Now there is such a huge variety- not all of which work well mind you. I have seen some serious disasters as I am sure you all have too. Here’s my opinion on the legging trend; you may or may not agree but hey, its my blog- so there.

Before I go into this on that let me just say this about that….Do NOT wear leggings as pants! I repeat: Do NOT wear leggings as pants!!!! No one’s ass is nice enough to go here- trust me on this one! Unless you are Pat Benetar circa 1983, the short shirt and legging look is simply unacceptable. Or a jazz dance instructor- that’s the only other exception I can see to the rule here. If you follow the simple golden “tunic” rule (long sweaters, tops and tees) and/or under dresses and skirts this look will work for just about everyone and every size.

Also,  short of a stripper Baryshnikov, I’m sorry but no one can make the Lamé or satin legging trend work (and I don’t even know if he would go there)… Ditto for denim leggings- yuk.  Send this shit back to fashion purgatory please. On the other hand the gloss/high shine/wet look leggings can be fab so long as they are black, your ass is fully covered, the top is a lose long one and not a fitted long one.

And remember its the little details that can make or break this deal too, and I’m not talking about accessories.   stirrups, ripped and patterned=no; ruched bottom=yes. And remember: capris=flats not heels.

Sn my humble opinion, if you stick to the tunic rule anyone can do leggings pretty much any way you want, from casual jcrew types to high fashionistas and all in between. Stay with the program people and you can work a fierce legging look such as any of these:

Get of the mark and you could end up looking like this:

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