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September 13, 2011

The Missoni for Target line Debacle

Call the glambulances, people are getting hurt over here!!!

As we reported with mixed feelings last month, today marked the debut of Missoni for Target, the high-end fashion house’s more accessible clothing line.

People researched Targets all over various towns near them. Some women camped out overnight. Some awoke hours earlier than usual, just to find by the time they got to Target lines were huge and upon doors opening, women ran like wild animals. Women in the store cursed each other, ripped items from eachothers carts and hands, and ran all over in a manic rush to swoop up whatever was left of the collections.  tons of  fights broke out (which can be seen on youtube) and it was reported that one woman threatened to kill another over a towel. Many Target stores actually had to call in the Police, if you can believe that one.

I have never in my life witnessed grown women acting so aggressive. I saw several women with small babies in their cart full of Missoni product who left their cart (and child) and ran toward a Target employee bringing out more shoes.” Target shopper

Did I mention that the Target online store crashed and everything (both in stores and online inventory) is completely sold out?

Wow, I feel sorry for the poor old lady who has never heard of Missoni and just ran into target that day just for some toilet paper!

And for the record… No, I didn’t go.

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