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August 1, 2011

Designer Collaboration: Missoni for Target

In May it was announced Italian fashion house Missoni would is going to produce a short run line of products for Target, aptly titled Missoni for Target”, which will hit stores in September through October (or until supplies last). The line will include clothing for women and children as well as household items (dishes, bedding, towels, etc). Missoni items at Target will run on average at abt $40.00.This is pretty amazing when you consider that a Missoni dress will run you 1200-2000, cardigans at $500-$600, scarves abt $350 at high end department stores. As of today, the look book was released which shows upward 400 pieces from the collection.

While I will definitely be there and may actually wake up early to do so (a rarety), I am not quite as excited as everyone else is about this… Don’t get me wrong- I do like Missoni in all its mixed matches’ swerlie zigzaggy goodness. I just never liked it so much to justify the high prices; it’s not really my thing. But for $40 bucks, I am definitely all over it. I also fear the quality is going to be pretty bad in its mass produced glory and the last thing I want is to be out and about someplace to find every other person is wearing the same Target Missoni piece (a la LV mono print speedy’s which have lost their flair now). So I think what I will stick to is a couple skirts, maybe a cardigan, and a bunch of candles and throw pillows.


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