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April 15, 2011

Someone is Seeing Red: Christian Loubouttin vs YSL

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Say it ain’t so! One of our favorite Parisian footwear provocateurs Christian Louboutin filed suit this week against another of our favorite footwear masters Yves Saint LaurentCry Cry Le Sigh…  What stemmed the lawsuit you ask? It is a simple case of mistaken identity: YSL’s Palais line of pumps & slingbacks both sport read soles. And not just any shade of red, but that in which is virtually identical to what we have come to coin as loubie red. Being that CL does actually own the trademark in which is described as “lacquered red sole on footwear”, the usage by another couture fashion house was a red light go for Christian the man/the master to call in the legal team .

Ok kids, I am actually quite intrigued… As a small business owner myself, I have a hard time believing it’s all together legally cut and dry to trademark something so common as a color. On the other hand, YSL should have better known better! It is not as if they have never seen a Loubie- sista please!  I love you YSL, but I am almost embarrassed for you in this faux paux. I love love love me some brightly soled YSL heels! The yellow and blue are to die… so really now?  Really??!?

We shall see how this one turns out my fashionista friends.

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