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March 1, 2011

Dior Fires John Galliano…: Il a été viré!

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Its official! John Galliano has become so controversial he was fired from his own label under the house of Dior, thus from Dior for the second time this month [caveat: yes I realize I just convoluted that entire sentence]. The only statement I have seen so far from Dior is  “the House of Galliano “is not an immediate priority” … Ouchy… But this is Dior being, well, Dior and keeping some class about them. As readers are aware, Galliano was arrested in February for allegedly spewing multiple racist remarks toward patrons in a Paris bar causing quite a bit of controversy and unwanted trashy press all around. While we revel in the fact he is an interesting and quirky individual who divinely carries this over into his design work, we shirk away from said individualistic artistes when they become ignorant racist bafoons who drunkenly praise Hitler. Yes, fashion still holds a smidgen of ethical integrity, even in this day and age.

Dior would pull through the controversy of course–just not with Galliano. We shall see where he goes from here, eh?

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