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February 2, 2011

Jan Taminiau Spring/Summer Couture Collection

I know I know! Cringe away kids… but this reminds me of 80’s NYC downtown rich and creative club kids a la the death of Andy (aka my youth).

I am all about this Jantaminiau line. Its as if Alexander McQueen and Leigh Bowery had a baby named adventure and baby adventure grew up more rebellious than its parents, impregnated by age 15 by a man named imagination and they had Jan Taminiau.

The basis of my work is always the same: I am continually translating the asymmetrical mirror of life. My work, each of my collections, my 2D/3D concept are the result from the combination of my personal interpretation of the daily life, and from my passion for techniques and craftsmanship. It is a permanent constructive reflection. The basis is dogmatic, the process organic. Away from the strictures of fashion, I search for new forms and new horizons. The meticulously constructed creations enable the wearer to experiment endlessly with form. In my quest for the perfect fit I pursue new shapes and unconventional techniques. By weaving and interweaving fabrics, I enable a natural form to emerge which highlights character from the wearer. I leave behind the fast-moving and fickle world to return to what is nowadays almost a nostalgic source: security, respect for craftsmanship, and an awareness of the import of transience

My inner nihilist also loves that this whole line feels so Wintery- which makes no sense not because its a Spring collection but because it is completely unwearable anyhow. If you do not find it as magnificent as I do that’s ok- just color it an art installment.

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