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October 1, 2010

Winter Trend: A Lighter Shade of Goth (just in time for Halloween)

Blame it on the genius of Dolce and Gabbana, who paved the Goth couture resurrection in their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Unexpected for its season yet it surprisingly embodied all aspects of summer (well, sans heat friendly colors), with lots of minis, short jackets, and layered thin lightweight materials. Or as I like to call it- the Ballerina gone bad look. Fall/Winter collections are continuing the trend, incorporating leather and velvets… Everyone from the likes of Givinchy, Jean Paul Gaultier , Missoni, Aguri Sagimori, Louis Goldin, Ann Demeulemeester, Angelo Marani are bringing edgy sexyness down the runway this season for the Gothically inclined. And judging by the Alexander McQueen 2010/2011 collection, this trend is going to be haute throughout a good portion of next year as well.

Think romantic Victorian with a new dramatic flair, not angst ridden teen in black or rock and roll rebel. While the majority of these collections are extremely opulent, doing the dirge this season doesn’t have to be extremely formal or menacing. Obviously dark colors and textures are key on the runway, but predictably the gypsy, sophisticated bohemian or serious classic soho (with a flair) looks and the like will sprout from this trend so to appease functionality via chunky knits, velvet leggings, baroque jackets and Victorian high boots.

Remember- this is not your little sisters Goth- it doesn’t have to scare you.  It is more about fluidity than skulls, be it formal or functional.

Avant Garde Goth to Functionally Edgy (L to R) Alexander McQueen, Versace, Givenchy, D & G, Louise Goldin, Juicy Couture, Gareth Pug.


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