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May 22, 2010

Must Have Swim Suits for 2010

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I’m no LaLa Land blonde beach bunny, but I sure do love lounging around in an awesome swimsuit.

Believe it or not, I tend to stay away from high end items when it comes to swimwear. Trust me, I have reasons… 1) I find designer swimsuits tend to be made either for the tall but small framed (runway beachwear) or are a bit on the frumpier side (Hamptons Tankini wearing Mother of three); interestingly there isn’t much of an  in between. 2) Swimsuits are like moods to me and i’d rather have numerous ones to choose from. Being that I only do swimwear maybe 2 months out of the year, spending $$$ would break my cardinal rule of purchase justification- the age old price divided by times worn adage.  In my  experience one can find couture like cut, style and fit  without breaking the bank at all types of no name boutiques, especially online. 3) swimwear accessories (sandals, wedges, hats and coverups) are moi imprtante (imho) and tend to be a little on the pricier side. Like you didn’t see that one coming people…

Some women cannot wait for bikini season to start; others fear it year round. I am not going to get into the whole rules of wear or type for shape issue because I think everyone already knows that- or can google it.  Go with the color and style which works for you, have fun and don’t make beach days an event which calls for zanax.  Buy a swimsuit that accentuates what you love, not what you don’t. To me, a great swimsuit is one which makes the woman of any shape or size feel sexy and comfortable, as well as gives off a feeling of vacationing in Majorca or the Greek isles while tanning in your own backyard.

I have never been one for one piece suits but I actually am intrigued by the continuing cut-out trend this year. My shopping addiction shoulder devil was getting the better of me this month, whispering in my ear “common’ ya know ya want that BCBG crochet cutout one piece!” . And my counter acting budgeting angel was shouting into my other ear “No! One pieces only work for skinny mini’s!”… So what’s a gal to do? Well, compromise I suppose, and compromise I did. I knew this was a “trendy” item that most likely won’t go on long, so I picked up an exact mirror image of it insanely cheap.  Surprisingly, this suit works for me- a Puerto Rican lady with a, ehem, curvy build. It actually frames the hips well and is a lot more forgiving than some other cutouts which barely cover the boobage, in which I know for fact would never hold in my chest in or be even remotely flattering. One thing about this suit: I certainly don’t plan to tan in it being that the checkerboard look would probably not work well for me. Its  gonna be my “jump in the hot tub” and lounging mid afternoon go to this summer. As for my bikini purchases this summer, I decided to stick with solid colors with interesting cuts so that I could “get bold” with coverups and jewelry.  I grabbed myself  the Vix Hermanny Cruise, a subtle but gorgeous bikini in black with beige trim which really emphasizes a good tan. Ditto for the Vitamin A bikini in Emerald, a color that really works for me when I am all golden like. Another plus is the criss cross top, which yes, holds the boobage both in and up a lot better than the triangle tops I usually get (in which I have to wrangle with a bit so to assure no one gets a free show).

This summer, I am adoring the beautiful Melissa Odabash resort wear, and beyond in love with her Hermoine bird print coverup. I prefer sheer but patterned, flowy, uniquely cut with interesting lines and (dare I say) boho-ish? So aside from queen Odabash, if your looking for somethingof similar style, I highly recomend Eternal Sunshine Creations, Milly NYC (think Pucci-ish), Trina Turk and Alexis at Alternatively, there are plenty of lacey and sheer tunics which would serve as excellent coverups at a fraction of the price of resort wear.  Try Cheap & Chic, the Japanese vrs of Forever 21 (but better) or Ebay.

And what would summer be without sandals and sunnies. This year, both Michael Kors (the Palm Beach line) and Calvin Klein have really outdone themselves with inexpensive yet adorable wedges under $100. Comfy, not too high of a heel yet high enough to make your legs really stand out in that bikini. If your into going flat, check out all of the adorable flowered sandals available from one of my faves, Poetic License. . . Being that I am a sunnie-aholic, I’m all set for sunglasses. Not to mention I notice designers are slowing the production over oversized sunnies this year, so in my disappointment I will be saving $$.

While your spending summer cash, it would be remiss for me to not drop the “S” bomb here. PLEASE replenish your sunscreen supplies and be sure to order one of the few which contain Mexoryl, well-known all over the world to protect skin from cancer and wrinkle-causing UVA rays (Most sunscreens only protect against UVB rays). Mexoryl SX (also called ecamsule) and Mexoryl XL are highly effective chemical sun filters widely used in sunscreens throughout Europe and Canada. Available commercially here.

My Summer Must Haves: Crochet White Suit ($50), Hermanny Cruise Bikini by Vix Swimwear ($120), Emerald Cruise Bikini by Vitamin A ($150), Hermoine Bird Print Coverup ($600), Michael Kors gold Palm Beach Wedge Sandal ($90).


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