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October 5, 2009

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Victoria Beckham

“I RARELY buy anything that’s obviously from a particular seasons collection. Invest in clothes you can wear from season to season. Five years ago I bought gorgeous Vivienne Westwood boots I still love. The other night I wore a D&G dress that’s 11 years old but still looks good. Buy classics that will never date” Victoria Beckham

Call her what you will people but the woman sure knows how to dress (actually, while we are on it, I am not sure why people don’t like her). And I get the distinct impression it’s all her own heightened and keen fashion awareness, no one but she is dressing herself. Granted, designers are likely begging her to wear them and I’m sure she’s got stylists and advisers up the yin-yang but… I can’t say I have ever seen her do more than 1 or 2 fashion “don’ts” post Spice Girls. Even when wearing something that makes you go “huh?”, its followed by “wow!”.  I’m telling you, put that girl in Bergdorf’s and her eye will gather the most stellar finds; turn the gal loose in a mall and I am betting she will make something très chic out of nothing. I’m convinced she breathes fashion, not air.

If I recall correctly, Victoria “Spice” Beckham wasn’t always this stylish. Granted she was young then and not wed to “sporty money bags spice” yet either. But well, she must have been called Posh for a reason. Ironically, her formal look is not quite as impressive or Posh as her casual or avante guarde look is. At any rate, she certainly grew into her own, and we like it.

Victoria Beckham certainly knows what works for her and sticks with it. Miss thing does upscale casual like nobody’s business. Her staples appear to be high wasted pencil skirts and shift dresses, and she is all about the oversized sunnies. She somehow managed to make skinny jeans exciting and rocks the baggy trouser look like a pro. She’s a trend starter, yet interestingly enough the trends she births consist of classic pieces. She’s changed the way we do long distance flights fashion wise (gasp! what? She doesn’t have a private plane???) and refuses to apologize for taking the kids to the park in a $20,000 handbag and $2,000 shoes. And much kudos to her for putting the class back into Rodeo drive! What a faux paux it was, this whole “I’m rich but should look like a bum when shopping at Chanel” trend. Victoria Beckham single handedly desimated the  rich hippie look, saving California bringing swank back from accross the seas. Housewife with an edge. And let us not forget the woman keeps within one of my casual wear cardinal rules: High desigher shoes and bag, simplistic and inexpensive jeans and tee.  Nor does she buckle to the “I won’t wear anything twice” adage- matter of fact she is such a mix and match Queen that its difficult to even notice when a piece is reworn. Also impressive? She wears the Hermes bag and heels- they don’t wear her.

Who doesn’t love a woman who is such a slave to haute that she refuses to wear flats, takes the kids to the park in 6 inch heels, puts off foot surgery because of the down time IE a forced heel vacation, owns 100+ Hermes Birki’s (what’s that? A couple Mil?), builds a closet for $500,000 and gets to repeatedly procreate with one of the most juiciest men on earth? How about how she wears children’s tees from Gap inside out, pre plans her wardrobe for bloated days, hates to match her underwear and bra, and cuts the waistband off her jeans?

So Mrs. Victoria Beckham, we know you have a myriad of haters out there, and we don’t get it. In our book (blog), you are très magnific. We adore your style and the way you tell everyone to piss off whilst holding your diva head high. No apologies, no fashion regrets.

Keep in mind that numerous naysayers have given me lip in regards to this salute.Here are a few of the reasons

  • She’s a bad role model/too skinny.
  • She lives in excess and flaunts it during a time when many are struggling economically.
  • Some of her outfits are too strange
  • Some of her outfits are too simple

FIrst things first… I’m only gonna briefly address the weight issue. I agree, most women are not normally that tiny and thus its perpetuating some unhealthy ways. Not saying she’s at all responsible, just sayin. With that said, I don’t think she’s anorexic. Fashionrexic  yes- common now, we all know how and who these couturiers design for. I’m ending that one there. Ok, the bad roll model thing- Please, 99% of all photos of the woman include her runing around with her children! Find me another fashionista that spends so much time with her kids. As for her not showing sensetivity for the ecconomically challenged… why should she be? …Next! On the “too strange” thing, its not her heeless heels or her pension for 80’s shoulder looks that bring her down- its her formal wear imho. I’m not sure why for every 1 red carpet outfit I like, there are 10 I don’t. Perhaps its because she’s so casually impressive its difficult to “one up” it, or maybe its because the gala look really is more fitting to curves (again, imho).  As for basic being boring- so untrue! WHy must I constantly repeat myself? Basic + classic = refined. Let’s also keep in mind that her casual looks can be done on any budget. That said, she’s like the fashion etiquette head master.

After Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham is quite the Cinderella moth to butterfly transformation.. Luxe Blog Salutes Victoria “I have more money and shoes than God” Beckham, for her uniquely casual but feminine style.

Stay tuned for part 2, when we salute her shoe collection!

1) probably my favorite casual-ish ensamble to date- who can deny this color cordination here looks fabbo? 3) YSL pumps ($800), and Bidart dress ($abt 3,000) and sunnies ($200), both from her bvd line, 4) More airport chic-orange dress, Marc Jacobs shoes, dvb 11 sunnies, Giorgio Armani python bag, 5) Black sweater dress, Woolford fan pattern tights, ankle-strap pumps, amazing sunnies and croc Berkin (abt $30,000). 6) ROcking the poor boy look (designer unknown). 7) In limited edition Pink Moon dress by Roland Mouret (abt $2, 200) and Hermes bag (abt $30,000)

October 1, 2009

Candyfuture lipstick collection to Debut this Month

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raquelreed_noshedidntThe highly-anticipated Candyfuture lipstick collection from Lime Crime Cosmetics debuts this month and will feature 10 must-have colors, with 9 more complimentary shades scheduled to drop every month throughout the year. Ranging from ready-to-wear to couture, Candyfuture will feature D’Lilac (lavender creme), Retrofuturist (intensified red), jet black Styletto and even a blue aptly named, No She Didn’t. Every lipstick, meant for the most daring fashion and makeup maven, is packaged in an unforgettable bright-pink tube adorned with a sparkling holographic unicorn, the ultimate accessory. Each tube will retail at $16, available worldwide at

Refusing to toe the minimalist makeup lineLime Crime is known for charging headlong into the rainbow with pure, high-impact, saturated colors like vivid yellow and lime. This innovative company pushes the envelope for unapologetically bright makeup that is at the cutting edge of fashion – and beyond.


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