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August 29, 2009

Très Chic Fashionistas: Luxe Blog Salutes Jennifer Lopez

My choice in salutation here apparently, has everyone’s Agent Provocateurs in a knot. Why exactly I am not certain. I think perhaps it’s because miss thing has such an obvious urban flair in which cannot be suffocated by couture. But my dears, I love the street edgyness she uses almost as an accessory! We celebrate many styles here at the Luxe Beaute headquarters (aka my tiny home office, we being me). And who doesn’t love a good Diva Cinderella from the Bronx story? You people are indeed made of stone.

What once began as a frumpy wardrobe is now simply “oh la la”. And its so lovely that she now has buckets of money come into her own and can afford to push her inner Diva out for the world to see. Love her sophisticated siren looks- while I am not really one for doing the whole single sholder look for those under 45, she pulls it off. And with that skin tone, the woman just glows in white, fleshy pinks, and greens. I appreciate how she does Cavalli and Versace in particular, two stylists I feel clothing looks much better stuffed with some meat. Let us not forget she is the reason curvy became cool in couture, thus prompting designers to create more four the hourglass silhouette. Ditto for her risk taking with bringing casual street style influences into the noveau fashion riche scene… Scoff all you will but who made who fashion God and decided that tacky or gaudy is always a bad thing? Lopez tows the line well, the girl knows what she’s doing… a haute gown, delicious heels, some in your face blingery- bet never really too much. Usually one or two pieces that scream Jlo from the block made a turn down fashion district way. Loving it. I call this subtle but not so subtle choice Manelli-Eltonizing. While it doesn’t work for everyone, it works for her.

Jlo, I forgive you for channeling your inner Cher at times making some runway mistakes. It can happen to the best of us, no one is perfect- sometimes us Rican gals can get a little crazy. As for all the negative hooplah re such choices as head wraps and hats, I don’t agree- I thank you for them actually! Your bringing Bianca back. And it don’t get me started on those who ripped you apart for that Thomas Wylde dress because I adoreed that look along with the fact you had no need to show off any skin (ok, the fur vest ehem, not so much but in my defense I didn’t see that photo until later). And besides that, the Cavalli Tiger print dress (shown above), that Temperley London emerald green jersey dress (photo 5 & 6 below), and those darling little Twiggy-esque numbers paired with Loubouton thigh high suede boot truly make up for it anyway.

While I would not go so far as to say she’s a fashion icon, Lopez definitely knows how to mix things up, is influential, and deserves due props. Jennifer Lopez is hands down, the best moth to butterfly transformation seen in decades…. On that note, Luxe Beaute salutes you!

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